Hokko Life – Animal Hokkossing!

Hokko Life - Animal Hokkossing!

Animal Crossing Xbox version?

Team 17 holding their Animal Crossing? This is what one might think looking at the first visuals of Hokko Life. Since you can’t rely on visuals alone, I’ll have to prioritize (huh) hanging out in this game!

Glandouille… Fishing!

To me, games like Hokko Life are fun games. We take his character, walk around the cozy village to do whatever activities we want, just to chill, decorate his shack or other things of that nature. I recently did this with Disney Dreamlight Valley and I did not hide the pleasure of taking selfies with Scrooge or fishing with Goofy. In Hokko Life, it’s all in the title, so I land in the town of Hokko and see firsthand that it’s inhabited by super welcoming anthropomorphic animals! No, but seriously, he sees the child coming and directly offers him a night in a hotel and a hot meal. After… They still ask you to go do some work…

Yes, I’m going to drive around town… Or not!

The course of Hokko Life is classic for this type of game. We arrive and through the objectives of the game you will learn the basics. In Hokko Life you have to follow the instructions to the letter and at the beginning of the game freedom is not there in a very visible way. It’s very simple, you have to go through the first few hours of the game to start cooling down. Where Disney Dreamlight Valley gave us more gore and customization, Hokko Life is more directive. It’s a choice and it’s true that I also wanted to socialize in the beginning.

It will take work to get there!

Since the quests in Hokko Life require quite redundant round trips and to know how you are progressing you have to constantly play with the menus in your bag. Not very practical in the absolute sense. Likewise, your avatar’s movements aren’t super fluid and detection isn’t optimal. I tried to cut down the tree, but I couldn’t because I wasn’t where I needed to be. However, my ax seemed to hit…

What’s better than fishing? Fishing competition!

This lack of precision is also felt in the visuals, which are cute but not super thin. I like the title screen with your avatar inviting you, but after that the quality of what happens to us is variable. The lack of a camera option is also a minor concern that will affect the fluidity of your journey.

Which is a shame because Hokko Life is entirely cute, with good intentions and a cartoonish side that’s quite enjoyable. But the lack of fluidity and the interventionist side of the adventure in the first hours may put off some players.

We start contributing early to Hokko Life!

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