hours of waiting for a ten second picture

hours of waiting for a ten second picture

Sitting on the ground with an external battery in hand, surely an essential element for the whole day in front of the Hôtel des Bleus. Wait, wait and wait again for the maximum 15 second image of the bus leaving the hotel. Nothing crazy? Above all, it enables the operation of radio and TV antennas. And at the World Cup, all images are important.

Our habit for two weeks is to arrive at 12 o’clock. The games are often in the evening. The wait begins, luckily often with other French media. In front of Al-Messila, the base camp of the French team in Doha, there are no bars or restaurants… So you have to stay sitting on the hotel’s immaculate pavement or on the small grass under the flags. The place is a desert of humanity in a “residential zone”.

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Léna and I sympathized with the people in charge of security for two weeks. They are caring and always smiling. Seats, water bottles and toilets… They are trying to cure these days of long waiting. Under the hot sun we have time to think about this beautiful and large pool on the other side of the building. It is only a few meters away.

Meal selection is just as important in such a long day and below 30 degrees Doha. The Deliveroo menu is not huge, the selection is often spiced with some vegetables. McDo always does the trick, even on the other side of the planet. The products are also cooked better than in France and the coke doesn’t spill.

The meal will be located next to the police car. It is a pleasant smell of a vehicle that works all day for air conditioning. Or not. A small moment of hesitation in this shocking duo, when we realize that we are right in the crosshairs of the M6 ​​cameras with our large McDonalds in our mouths. The shift is immediate. Digestion is often long, endless. Our little dose of comfort comes with Oreo Donuts. Lena drools, but it will only be for me.

In front of the Hôtel des Bleus during the 2022 World Cup
In front of the Hôtel des Bleus during the 2022 World Cup. © RMC SPORT

Listeners around

In the afternoon, Léna paces up and down the long sidewalk that borders the English school. Our life is being questioned. We even have time for FaceTime calls with the editors in Paris. Fortunately, direct to BFMTV often come in to provide some dynamism these days. Come on, get motivated!

Some fans of the French team come to break the silence for a selfie in front of the big “Welcome to Base Camp” sign. Very often knowledge aboutAfter Foot. Heck, we’d even have time to listen to a podcast the day before. With this all-day full-face sun, your tan gets better every day.

Returning to each game, we begin to orient ourselves. The sound of the broadcaster’s helicopter is positioned above the hotel often two hours before the game. We turn on our cameras. A bus and its entourage pass by. The image is sent live to Paris. The direction of the stadium and the match can begin.

Lena Marjak and Nicolas Pelletier in Doha

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