how to wear them to sparkle in December and not twist Mrs. Claus

how to wear them to sparkle in December and not twist Mrs. Claus

Silly and shabby prints, pralines from Santa Claus to deer and snowmen. Mega bright colors, archi-shock details… It’s clear that this sweater gives off the Christmas spirit, but NEVER half measure. Are you there? A fir green sweater with red pom poms, a cat logo sweater with sequins all over, a dark red sweater with a pattern of herringbone and balls… It is neither very thin nor very elegant at first glance, yet fashionable and girlish in fashion is easy to grab. to shine in the last month of the year. Yes, yes, you read that right! They wear it in abundance in the office or restaurant, on Christmas Eve or at a New Year’s party, without laughing. Why does this kitschy sweater cause so much enthusiasm among the most experienced fashion souls and how to wear it well to draw your hottest look in December, and above all not to turn “Santa Claus is trash”? Deciphering a sweater that divides (separates?) because of its ugliness, but which today tends to win all the hearts of our fashion planet.

Christmas jumpers: we all fall for them in December, but why?

Should we even say in December, but also the whole winter! Ridiculed, bypassed and left in the depths of the closet, the Christmas sweater is displayed with great fanfare on all the stormy streets of the fashion scene. We want to say: but why the hell? Well, because ugly is the new fashion. Let me explain: what was, what was too much, kitsch or ugly is appropriated by fashion silhouettes because it is a fashion phenomenon present more than ever in the main trends of recent seasons and which is explained by the desire to redefine the contours of ugliness and to erase the boundaries between ugly and beautiful in the fashion industry. Like the crocs, leggings, bikers or rain boots that we loved to hate a few years ago, the ugly Christmas sweater that grandma had the misfortune of giving us every December 25th would therefore be almost as naturally essential as knitwear to dare you to upgrade your fashion quotient in winter .

What you have to understand here is that the fashion industry seems to want to get rid of its cherished qualifier, namely “beautiful”. Fashion houses and designers no longer want to offer anything but beauty, smoothness and the sublime. The shows of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Comme Des Garçons or Balenciaga confirm that too ugly is the very essence of fashion! There is this shared creative desire to put an end to ‘pretty’ fashion, to detonate it, to create surprise, to start debates, to broaden goals and to prove to society that what we believe to be ugly is basically not. What is ugly to me is beautiful to you, and ask yourself this question: Isn’t it super corny today to reduce fashion to the question of ugly and beautiful? That’s why this fashion phenomenon “ugly is the new beautiful” has become a macro trend (aka for several seasons). Finally, fashion is neither beautiful nor ugly: it is incredibly daring. It is enough to judge this or that piece of clothing or look at people from top to bottom when they wear a piece that WE CONSIDER ugly when it is simply armored. Be free to wear what you want without fear of appearance, ridicule and bad thoughts that have no place in 2022. Dress as you are, with your personality, your DNA and the style that suits you. Things said, let’s get back to our all-too-favorite Christmas piece.

Do you like the Christmas sweater? Uncover it early in the morning without hesitation in front of the dressing room! Fashion seeks a new freedom in its atypicality, freed from the codes of beautiful, ugly and the dictates (boring to die admit) of fashion. What if you don’t like it? Don’t panic, throw it out of your wardrobe and your period.

Christmas sweaters: how to wear them well this winter without making a mistake?

I don’t really like this notion of “looking wrong”, but it’s true that some well-advised advice is welcome when trying on such a typical over-the-top piece. The one thing to remember? When you wear a caricature garment, you just have to know how to reduce its kitsch degree to sublimate it, not to twist colorful garlands. Oversized, cropped, with Santa patterns, cats or a string of presents, with pom poms, sequins, red, green, blue or white… Wear the Christmas sweater as your favorite winter cuteness.

In the office, A Christmas sweater pairs beautifully with beautiful pieces from your work-to-office wardrobe. Tailored trousers, an oversized woolen jacket, a striped poplin shirt… These ultra-chic and stylish it pieces tone down the excess of a Christmas jumper and make it sublime. Moreover, who says Christmas sweater means glitter and colorful sequins galore, chromatics from black to nude through shades of blue and gray are the ones to favor to make your look sophisticated. To complete the look? We’re betting on gorgeous layered accessories, femme fatale it-shoes and an oversized coat or bohemian cape to cover up. It’s important to choose nice cuts, soft tones and strong pieces that counteract the “funny” dimension of the Christmas sweater. See the idea? We put on a dark gray pant suit, we put on an oversized blue and white striped shirt, we put on black leather platform boots, a navy swimming coat and the famous Christmas sweater of choice.

to a restaurant, A Christmas sweater must win a magnificent evening look! We are betting on sweater variations that are less flashy and more sober. We’re slapping on her slit dress, her leather miniskirt, her slinky upside-down ball to give extra chic and femme fatale to our silhouette. It is worn over one of the most sophisticated fast drawings as if to cover up frosty evenings. We take out our most beautiful shoes from pumps to boots, put on fluffy faux fur or a rock biker jacket and the Christmas sweater no longer leaves a mark, it becomes a touch of color that wakes up and warms up the party look girl. Little tips? Throw it around your shoulders in a restaurant to create a nice rounded volume to your super hot strappy dress!!!

Sunday is jogging! So to copy all our favorite fashion scandals from Pernille Teisbaek to Hannah Loffler to Emily Sindlev and Jeanette Madsen, we dare to wear oversized colored joggers with our favorite Christmas sweater in winter for an uninhibited look. The proof is in the pictures.

Christmas sweaters: how to wear them well for Christmas and New Year?

If the Christmas sweater is likely to impose itself during the winter of 2023 as the ultimate fashion obsession of the cold season, for Christmas and New Year this kitsch knitting hits the mark. In wonderful combinations with your loved ones or small children or not, the Christmas sweater is a fashion credo that you know how to wear to shine on December 24th and 31st. If you too were afraid to make a mess at a family meal or a night out with friends, we are inspired by these fashion tips to be the most desirable at the end of the year (in an ugly Christmas sweater)!

A family meal at home, a restaurant dinner, a hotel getaway, whatever your flight is this Christmas Eve unique in the year, bet on sexy materials, cuts that sublimate your morphology and don’t neglect accessories. With a Christmas sweater, we like to wear sexy lace pants, a corduroy miniskirt, a long silk slit skirt or even ultra-thin leather pants to shape your bum. Jeweled heels, ankle boots, moccasins or cowboy boots… Wear it-shoes that challenge your legs and elongate your figure for an instant hot effect. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings… Play the layer card to dress up your Christmas sweater with chic and sophistication. Who says Christmas means forced beauty: bet on a hairstyle that softens and accentuates your features (buns, ponytails, braids or clips) and fatal makeup that will make you irresistibly desirable. This balance between funny and comfortable mesh and fatal silhouette promises to make you the star of the evening, rest assured. And this look is so atypical to handle that you’ll obviously do great, everyone will want to copy it next year.

New Year ? Rhinestones, sequins, disco fever… It’s a night that counts and we’re bringing our craziest daring fashion to make this last night of the year one to remember. Sequin pants, crystal leather jacket, velvet and diamante mini dress, lace leggings, platform heels, sulfur thigh-high boots or cute baby heels… For this year-end look, bring out your heavy artillery all in gold and silver and switch up this fiery party girl with an extra touch of madness: a Christmas sweater. We come with her sweater tied around the shoulders or worn over formal wear to kick off the night and throw it on just before midnight to rock the dance floor with your ultimate sexy attitude.

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