In Alsace, how to spend a festive but active end of the year

In Alsace, how to spend a festive but active end of the year

Ahead of you, this half of December, is a gastronomic marathon: Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, December 25… hours spent at the table! Or not… Because there are alternatives: nice outings in the fresh air, from which we offer a selection.

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Your head immersed in the development of festive menus, orders from butchers, confectioners… Hands full of flour, in the middle of making bredel… And if during this time you take advantage of the opportunity to have a few days off at the end of the year to breathe some fresh air and exercise? Alsace, and especially the Vosges Mountains, offer you plenty of possibilities. Here are a few.

A must on December 25: head to Lake Bischheim, north of Strasbourg, on Christmas morning for a dip in the barely positive water. Last year there were about thirty of them. Among them, some were faithful from the very beginning to this idea born more than 30 years ago. But a small group receives newcomers every year… Good listener!

For some, this practice has even become an element of physical and mental well-being, in the tradition of the Danish Wim Hof, who democratized the practice, gaining followers even in Alsace.

This is a trip that allows you to take advantage of the night silence in the mountains: at dusk, at 5 p.m., put on your snowshoes (when there is snow), equip yourself with a headlamp and find a mountain guide who will take you to the heights of the Col de la Schlucht for two hours, starting from the Chalet Hotel-Restaurant.

The walk, offered every Wednesday evening from December 21, is available from 8 years. And, good news, to reconnect with the holidays after the effort, a meal is offered at a shelter or mountain inn.

Reservations online or by phone at

Galloping on powder snow or trying ski-joëring, this practice from Scandinavia that consists of pulling skiers behind a horse, that’s what Cheval Alsace offers you, installed on the Champ du feu, every weekend in winter. , and for weekly stays during holidays. Obviously, you’ll need to rely on a beautiful white coat to hope to enjoy this equestrian activity in the snow…

Club Vosges invites you to take the Helmut Kohl path, in the middle of the forest, the path that leads to the Altschlossfelsen and its red rocks, starting from Roppeviller, in the Vosges du Nord park. The ride promises to be festive, as volunteers will be waiting for you in the clearing, with soup, mulled wine and a fire to warm you up.

Three days in a row, on December 28, 29 and 30, this “walking meeting” is organized: ideal for digesting Christmas and for stimulating the New Year’s appetite.

A hike to end the year in style and a glass of champagne at midnight to start the new one well, that’s what the Destination sport nature mountain guide team offers you.

Departure for a night walk (in snowshoes or walking shoes depending on the snow cover) on December 31 at 10 p.m., for two good hours of effort towards exceptional locations in the Vosges mountains: the formula is offered on Lac Blanc, on Ballon d’ Alsace, Markstein , Hohneck and Champ du feu.

If you prefer to take your time for dinner after the hike, a 4pm departure is also available.

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