In Chanel and Kaviar Gauche wedding dresses, Julia Haghjoo lived her dream wedding in Somerset

In Chanel and Kaviar Gauche wedding dresses, Julia Haghjoo lived her dream wedding in Somerset

After a marriage proposal in the Maldives, Julia Haghjooart director and content creator with more than 216,000 followers on Instagram, and her husband Adam succumbed to the charms of the English countryside for their wedding. The celebration of their love is split into three stages from August to September 2022: a civil wedding in London in Chelsea in early August, a larger party in mid-August in Somerset before capped off with a finale, a more intimate wedding ceremony at the Nash Conservatory in Kew Gardens on September 15 in 2022

Julia Haghjoo knew exactly what she wanted for her English wedding with Adam

“I have always dreamed of a wedding at the sea, in a sunny, Mediterranean location! But being with my wife between two prisons made me discover the magnificent British countryside, he recalls Julia Haghjoo. Newt is especially close to our hearts and we have stayed there often since it opened in 2018. For three days in mid-August, about 90 guests gathered around the couple, newly married, could enjoy the joys and peace of the English countryside of Somerset. A welcome dinner was held on Friday evening at Newt’s Restaurant, overlooking the hills. for the occasion, Julia Haghjoo conceived in cooperation with the German brand Left Caviar her first wedding dress, a midi-length model with long sleeves, was finished off with a subtle set of pearl buttons and a neck band. In order for the guests to get to know each other better, Julia and Adam He had an interesting idea to break the ice: “We separated the couples to make people integrate more, which worked very well: from the second night everyone seemed to know each other!”

On Saturday evening, the atmosphere was festive in Newt’s Gardens before moving on to a magically decorated dinner in the venue’s barn-turned-light den where white flowers and a bonfire decorated the venue. Festive cocktails, a chef’s meal created from local products and warm speeches brightened the evening… which continued with an artist’s concert Kyan then a DJ set. While her husband was in costume Alexander McQueen, Julia Haghjoo once again collaborated with Left Caviar to imagine the wedding dress of her dreams: a sparkling dress inspired by the aesthetics of Gatsby. “The three-day wedding celebration ended with brunch in the hotel’s Botanical Rooms restaurant, followed by croquet and Bloody Marys in the gardens,” recalls the newlyweds, who opted for suits. Chanel pink and white for this sporty moment. A marathon of love and fashion to relive Vogue in pictures and powerful memories thanks to Julia Haghjoo.


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