In La Flèche, camp attendance records, pool entry

In La Flèche, camp attendance records, pool entry

Camp La Fleche
The results are excellent for Camp La Flèche! ©Stevan Lira

the municipal camp of La Fleche (Sarthe)located in the alley of the camp, was made by a great record of the summer season 2022 (March 18 – August 31).

Throughout this period, he records a 3% increase in attendance compared to 2019 (+1,024 overnight stays) and 12% compared to 2018 (+4,517 overnight stays). “2019 and 2018 are our reference years, the ones in which attendance records were broken,” he explains Marion David, camp leader.

More French

These good figures are particularly explained by the higher share of French tourists (+4% compared to 2019 and +22% compared to 2018). Foreigners were less numerous.

We lost a lot of UK customers. Their share decreased by 17% compared to 2019 and by 28% compared to 2018.

Marion David, camp leader

However, the Dutch visited the Fléchois camp more than in other years (+25% compared to 2019).

Nice weather

Since the start of the summer period (March to June), attendance has returned to pre-Covid levels.

The very nice weather in March was encouraging. Just like the one in May.

Marion David

“Record” month of May, with attendance up 19% compared to 2019!

During the season, which is particularly hot, the camp was full about ten evenings, especially in August. “Here too, the camp recorded record attendance, with an increase in attendance of 5% compared to 2019 in two months, i.e. 1,323 overnight stays more. »

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For September, Marion David was hoping for a good influx of French people and a good occupancy rate (+50% for mobile homes and +29% for coconut houses).

On the whole, the clientele comes for “short stays”, and essentially to visit the zoo. However, the municipal equipment “increases its clientele of long-term residents” and receives more and more wandering cyclists.

Attendance at the pool is half way up

On the side Ilébulle Intercommunity Aquatic Centrelocated on the Lacs de la Monnerie, in La Flèche, the results are less encouraging.

“We noticed a drop in attendanceespecially this summer, we are not able to find pre-Covid numbers,” complained Laurent Hubert, president of the youth and sports commission, during a community council on September 22.

A 25% drop in attendance. observed between 2019 and 2022, in the period from January 1 to September 25. The gap which tends to narrow after the decline has been reduced to 15% as of September 2022.

According to Laurent Hubert, “the extreme heat did not help during the summer period, because the aquatic center does not have outdoor pools”.

However, the community is trying to be “positive”, focusing on outdoor projects, the construction of which will begin in October 2022 (aquafun beach, water slide, playground with water jets and snack bar).

They could allow attendance to increase in the summer of 2023.

Laurent Hubert, President of the Commission for Youth and Sports

View prices?

During the consultation, the elected representatives presented the idea of ​​copying certain communities that offer entry to the swimming pool for €1 for children in the summer. An attractive price, but “unprofitable”, notes the vice president, who nevertheless “took note” of the proposal. “All avenues will be considered to attract more users. »

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