In Marseille, the opening of the Cosquer Cave and a meal at the Forts Trois

In Marseille, the opening of the Cosquer Cave and a meal at the Forts Trois

View from the terrace of the Three Fortresses.


An overview of the Cosquer Cave in Marseille and the discovery of the superb Sofitel that dominates the whole port and its gastronomic restaurant Les Trois Forts.

Cosquer, a new cultural place in Marseille

Next to Mucem, the Villa Méditerranée will house the main site of parietal art, a reconstruction of a cave dating from the Ice Age which, in connection with global warming and rising sea levels, risks in the long term being a universal heritage swallowed up forever. .

No less than 30 years of research have passed since Henri Cosquer’s discovery in 1985 in the streams of Marseille. A diver discovers and discovers an extraordinary rarity with this Upper Palaeolithic site, which is very difficult to access and has incredible frescoes of hands, horses, penguins and aurochs. Between the variety of paintings and engravings on the walls (about 500), the danger of collapse and the possible disappearance of the cave, it was necessary to act and save this heritage of general interest. A virtual rescue was decided: the cave will be restored in 3D.

The Kléber Rossillon group is in charge of the project with a staged descent cage at a depth of 37 meters, an electric gondola route explaining the mysteries of the cave, a cinematographic projection and a life-size bestiary of animals. which inspired the cave artists…

• Cosquer Cave, Promenade Robert Laffont, 13002 Marseille

The three fortresses of the Sofitel on the Old Port

Part of the Accor Group, the Sofitel du Vieux-Port is exceptionally located at the foot of Fort Saint-Nicolas and overlooks the entire view of the port of Marseille, the Mucem, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde all the way to the pier. in the north and the wild and steep shores of the blue coast. The incredible location that raised this hotel to the rank of 5 stars is also justified by the interior design, the service of the staff and the quality of the catering facilities.

On the large terrace, watching the setting sun spread its orange rays on the ocher stone of Fort Saint-Jean, drink the signature cocktail, “Dantès” (old rum aged in Rasteau casks, pomegranate liqueur, orange juice, passion fruit, agave honey, garnished fresh raspberries) is a real moment of pleasure. Enjoy before sitting down to eat in the large dining room with bay windows, which also recalls the classicism of the Good Mother or the modernism of moucharabieh from Mucem. With a view of the two fortresses and the port of Marseille, a meal at Les Trois Forts is a sublime moment.

In short, the menu is decorated with chef Dominique Frérard’s sketches, which show how he aesthetically arranges the plate. For a fresh and light start, sea bass tartar seasoned with cucumbers and herbs, cauliflower pickles to add crunch and bottarga to sublimate and slightly smoke the dish (€28). As it was still in season, we continued with the scallops served on chopped leeks and Viennese chorizo ​​and pine nuts. The whole thing was a sweet iodine-earth mixture of shellfish, pork and pine nuts (44 euros). The menu also includes foie gras softened with pear and pomegranate spice and a fine piece of beef stewed with Colonnata bacon, to add extra sweetness and fat to the meat (€26 and €46). We ended the meal with a crunchy fruity mango vanilla mille-feuille. The wine list is nice with regional bottles to accompany your every meal and Provence wines are de rigueur!

• Sofitel Marseille Old Port, 36 boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille

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