In Morbihan, the Robin family recounts their life in a motor home

In Morbihan, the Robin family recounts their life in a motor home

The Robin family poses.
The Robin family poses. ©Robin Family

Two years ago, Emilie and Laurent Robinof Pluvigne“no longer very fulfilled in their jobs”, they decided to leave everything they can go to camping car with her two boys, Eliot and Malla (six and ten at the time of departure). Their goal? ” Discover Europe, spending time with family. It’s a project we’ve been maturing for a long time,” says the mother of the family on the phone, since they are currently in Germany, “where we’re discovering Christmas markets.”

The first novel

To celebrate the end of the year, they will return to Brittany for a few days, to see the family again, before leaving, “not knowing where or for how long. »

They will take the opportunity to testify about their experience in Quattro, in Baud: “I will present, with the help of photographs and films, our unusual visits, the grandiose, extraordinary landscapes we saw, but also our encounters with locals or other travelers and our galleys”, continues Emilie.

Her husband, Laurent, will also dedicate his a novel“The call of the road”, which he wrote during the journey, “often in the evening, when everyone was in bed”, drawing inspiration from the places visited.

From discovery to discovery

As of December 2020, the family has already crossed many countries, more than thirty, from Norway to Greece and from Spain to Turkey. They traveled 60,000 km ! “Essentially, in 2021, we completed the loop in southern Europe. We spent Christmas in Turkey before returning this year for another loop, in the north,” they summarize. In recent months, they visited the Baltic countries, Poland…

They enjoy this life of freedom every day: “In the morning we have classes for two to two and a half hours, and the afternoon is dedicated to visits. They appreciate being able to take the time!

At 7 a.m. in Cappadocia (valley of love), a magnificent spectacle awaits the family.
At 7 a.m. in Cappadocia (valley of love), a magnificent spectacle awaits the family. ©Robin Family

Families of travelers regularly find, “in Turkey, for example, the boys found themselves with twenty children who speak French! “They also experience a warm welcome from the natives, “with beautiful moments, beautiful encounters. »

Videos: currently on Act

Above all, they are together:

We have learned a lot from each other, that is one of our assets in this way of life. Not to mention we saw magnificent things, wild animals, reindeer in Lapland…

Emily Robin

Two years later, they do not tire, despite the promiscuity of their habitat. They don’t want it to end for now…

Practice. Saturday December 17, 2022 at 3 pm at Quatro in Baud, a conference on the journey of the Robin family. Free entry upon reservation (54 seats).

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