“It is very difficult to make a camp in France”

"It is very difficult to make a camp in France"

“It is very difficult to set up a camp in France,” explains Michel Durrieu, managing director of Huttopia International. The French company operates in around 40 locations across the country, often in the heart of nature. And keep in mind that it is sometimes more complicated to launch a project in France than abroad.

“Regulations don’t help us much. We would like to open more nature camps in France, but urban continuity is required of us”, laments Michel Durrieu.

“The ministries are thinking about a regulation that would oblige us to comply with the RE2020 regulation (on energy standards, editor’s note), and we are on light and seasonal infrastructure,” concludes the former director of tourism at the Quai d’Orsay (from 2014 to 2017). . The topic he mentions in the Government, reminding that camping represents the first tourism capacity of our country.

For him, it is necessary to “monitor” and not “block” projects such as development in the sector.

Camps in the Dominican Republic and Morocco

However, the group continues to grow in France, with an average of two to four new camps per year.

Overseas, Huttopia is going against the grain with the recent opening of its own camp in China, two and a half hours from Shanghai. Despite the blockades…

The outdoor hotel specialist, betting on local customers, is exploring new territories internationally. Among his next destinations are the Dominican Republic and Morocco. Why and how? Michel Durrieu explains it in this video interview, produced for A World For Travel Forum.

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