Jouin Manku signs a new hotel-spa in Champagne

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Jouin Manku signs a new address

A new hotel realization by the Jouin Manku studio in Champagne.© Nicolas Matheus

Architectural extension of the forest

At the edge of the hills, two rough blocks discreetly intertwine in the midst of pines and oaks. Welcome to the Hotel Mutigny Resort, a project designed by Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin on the border of the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park. Owned by the Austrian Loisium group, the new hotel-spa harmoniously integrates the curve of the vine-covered hills. Planted in chalk and clay soil, concrete foundations elevate the timber-clad structure, topped by a vegetated concrete roof. As a tribute to the natural beauty of the site, the palette of materials chosen by the architects was reduced to the simplest device, far from stereotypes. bling generally associated with fine bubbles.

Room with a view of Champagne. © Nicolas Matheus

An honest expression of Champagne terroir

The first building that plays on transparency acts as a place of sharing. Behind a monumental staircase led by an effervescent sculpture of perforated metal, panels and an oak floor, thwarted by black marble bordering the bar and fireplace, warm the atmosphere of the central foyer facing the terrace. The fixed layout and furniture layout, designed by the studio, feature elegant details in leather and brass.


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