Lou Volo Retirement Club Traveling

Lou Volo Retirement Club Traveling

Two trips for the intrepid travelers of the Volo bioù club. It was the first day in Provence, with the antiques of Saint-Rémy and the wise comments of André, their choir director, then in the luminous quarries of Les Baux where they were immersed in a vision of Venice Serenissima through images that made them discover the wonders of the city and its history.

It was barely time to pack their bags and it was an early departure for Santa Susanna, a small coastal town in Catalonia, where a dream vacation awaited them that took them from the Calella lighthouse to Casa Coll i Regas, a modernist building. end of the 19th century for a rich local bourgeois.

Lively evenings at the hotel after tasting local culinary specialties are also appreciated.

But it was already time to return and after a border stop to do some final shopping and once again explore the local culinary riches, they returned to Dugas and Guisquet tower with memories in their eyes and ready to go. , but before that they will have rose tea and a Christmas meal and his play.

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