Lyons. For its gala dinner, the Club de l’Ours takes over the Hôtel du Département –

Lyon. Pour son dîner de gala, le Club de l’Ours investit l’Hôtel du Département

Text: Morgan Couturier – The Club de l’Ours used its traditional gala dinner to establish itself in the salons of the Department. An exceptional place for exchanges between members and their customers.

We thought that the challenge was complex, that is, to surpass the previous edition, already magnified by the carillon symphony of Auberge Paul Bocuse. But “if there’s one event not to be missed, it’s the Club de l’Ours gala dinner,” they boast. At the time of marking the 2022 edition, the president Georges Poix and thus his teams had the difficult task of aiming better. A challenge that the Club de l’Ours – which brings together professionals and enthusiasts in the field of real estate and urban planning – was able to brilliantly accept, and the choice was the Hôtel du Département and its president, Christophe Guilloteau.

“Everything was perfect,” they rejoiced in the office, at the moment when 250 guests could fill the halls to enjoy the meal. To discuss his favorite topics as well, while this gathering of decision-makers does not fail to discuss current topics and “supplement knowledge”. Of course, if urban planning, a topic that is dear to the host of the evening, did not stimulate discussions, the guests could first of all enjoy the show. First, culinary.

Then solemnly, with the performance of Cirque Médrano. And finally, a humanitarian action, a sale was organized in favor of the association Aformetrop, dedicated to the placement of Togo doctors in rural areas of the country. So, full menu. For another successful evening!

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