Match the day before: Blues at home – Le Journal du weekend

Veille de match : les Bleus comme à la maison

“Femininity, calmness and serenity, we have it from the beginning. The quarter-finals of the World Cup, there is nothing to stress about or anything. It is only happiness and satisfaction,” said Didier Deschamps, coach of the French football team. To prepare for it, in the privacy of their base camp, they remained united and focused for a whole week, alternating between physical exercises and playful moments. On the menu: good humor. Olivier Giroux made a name for himself with his goal scoring record. But in the hotel it’s like on the field. There is no question of losing, even in card games. This is the last practice for the Blues before this quarter-final. There have never been so many journalists, and among them there are several spies, who have only one name on their lips: “Mbappé”. For sure, the blues have some arguments, but there is no question of underestimating the opponent. In this type of meeting, experience often makes the difference. That’s good, Didier Deschamps has a lot. TF1 | Report by S. Rang Des Adrets, A. Barrier, A. Ponsar


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