Morning for acting – Meeting

Morning for acting - Meeting

The “Morning for Action” is a morning that enables and encourages the residents of Grenoble to organize, get involved and take action to change the city as they see fit. Workshops will be held on specific topics and stands so that participants can learn about the mechanisms that can enable them to act (participatory budget, citizen survey, neighborhood unions, etc.).


Residents of each of the 6 sectors of the City are mobilizing on an important topic in their eyes: mobility, the environment, animation in the neighborhoods and much more! Come join them or suggest new ideas, come and put problems to be solved on the table.
Committed residents and city officials tell you about the participation mechanisms available to you: a fund for citizens’ participation to finance a project in your neighborhood, project managers in the new edition of participatory budgeting tell you about their ideas and invite you to join dynamics, citizen inquiry, volunteer solidarity platform and many others! Come and meet them, join the dynamic or be accompanied to help transform the city!
The Metropolis Citizens Climate Convention invites you to chat with its members so they can tell you about their work and the recommendations they’ve made to elected city officials, and what’s coming up in the coming months and the space you may need to support.
We are waiting for you in the Town Hall from 9 o’clock, you can use the children’s lounge and enjoy a good hot meal, which is offered to all participants, to choose from among the 4 food trucks that are present on site. A great opportunity to meet other residents of Grenoble over a hot meal and plan your next action to transform the city as you wish.

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Saturday, December 10 – from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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