Morocco by motorhome: ferries and sanitary measures, return to normal!

Morocco by motorhome: ferries and sanitary measures, return to normal!

After two years of severe disruption, stays in Morocco in the camp are again possible. We know that many European motorhome owners (and especially the French) enjoy wintering in North Africa: climate, lifestyle and tourism, purchasing power… these are all advantages of the Cherifian kingdom.

During the Leisure Vehicle Show 2022, we were able to talk to our friends Michel and Marie-Madeleine, motorhome owners involved in the Motorhome Owners Federation (ffaccc) and regular travelers to Morocco. The couple also wrote two articles for us that can be read on our website:

Individuals and tour operators: destination Morocco

Michel and Marie-Madeleine enthusiastically announced to us that they will be able to return to Morocco this winter: ” It seems we can buy open tickets again (no return dates) and all you need is an up to date health pass“. Another interviewee, Patrick Thellier, founder of Thellier Voyages: “ I’m following the group next week. Send me a message, I’ll let you know how it goes. »

Monday, October 10, we pick up the phone, and the answer comes quickly. ” Everything went well upon arrival at Tanger-Med port. The camps are happy to return, they suffered from the lack of tourists. Today a guided tour of Fes, cloudy weather, pleasant temperature. We had 38°C for the first two days of the trip. »

Thellier travels to Morocco
Thellier Voyages sent us this photo of Tarifa, live from their stay in Morocco.

Overall, tour operators specializing in motorhomes are taking advantage of the re-opening of the crossing to offer circular routes. Orcada is organizing a New Year’s Eve in Morocco, and Cap Latitude is organizing a group trip in February.

Two seasons without Morocco for motorhomes

In 2020, the Covid episode marked the ghosts. Thousands of European caravan owners found themselves stranded on the other side of the Mediterranean, with closures (and ferry stops) in mid-March forcing them to stay put, with no indication of a return date. Then exceptional transitions could be established.

In 2021, Covid was still there, with sanitary measures on both sides of the Mediterranean, but above all: political complications between Spain and Morocco caused the crossing to be interrupted.

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Ferries: “Almost like before covid”

In 2022, the situation seems to have returned to normal. ” It’s almost like before Covid, explains the Viajes Normandie agency (well known to car dealership owners by the name of its founder, Mr. Gutierrez). We are again offering crossings between Spain and Morocco, with an open return. The Tarifa-Tangier or Algeciras-Ceuta ferries are therefore back in operation.

Health restrictions have been lifted since September 30

Another aspect of the question, sanitary measures. They were indeed abolished on September 30, 2022. Here is what the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs states: “ As of September 30, all health restrictions (presentation of a vaccination pass or a negative PCR test) for entering the territory of Morocco have been lifted. Upon arrival in Morocco, only a properly completed passenger health form must be presented (

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