Namiri Plains Camp in Tanzania, Figaro expert opinion

Namiri Plains Camp in Tanzania, Figaro expert opinion

Service with a smile, discreet and efficient. Each apartment has a dedicated butler. To avoid bad night encounters with animals, a member of staff will pick you up in your room or return you there with a simple call on the walkie-talkie. The house is guarded all night by guards. Temperatures can be very cold in the early morning hours (bring a big sweater and windbreaker, blankets are provided in the morning at 4×4).
The elegant swimming pool allows you to relax at noon in front of the heavenly savanna landscape. The small spa, with beautiful African decor, offers a range of treatments to soothe tired limbs. If possible, choose an energizing or relaxing massage, ideal for recovering from the chaos of the road and the fatigue of the day.
The Den (la Tanière) shop presents interesting pieces (porcupine needles, skulls, footprints) and fine African handicrafts for sale as a cabinet of curiosities: jewelry, baskets, leather goods, shells… In the library you can read the story of Bob and To Ziggy, two lions whose story is intertwined with that of the lodge.

Two guided tours are scheduled every day (early morning and late afternoon). A walking safari is included in the basic price: a good opportunity to discover the ecosystem of the Serengeti (bunkers, termites, ants, etc.). Note the quality of the guides, all very competent. Some additional activities are charged: balloon flight, specific search for cheetahs in the evening with a researcher from the Serengeti Cheetah project (€211 for 1 to 3 people).
Note that amateurs and professional photographers can rent for €423/day an open vehicle specially adapted for wildlife photography, from camera mounts to seats that can rotate 360°.
A conservation fee of $5 per person per night goes directly to support community and conservation projects in the area. Namiri supports the Serengeti Cheetah Project and Piyaya Primary School.


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