Nantes vineyard. Why is this reception for motorhomes getting bigger?

Nantes vineyard.  Why is this reception for motorhomes getting bigger?

Before dark, many campers stop at Mouzillon.
Before dark, many campers stop at Mouzillon. ©HSM

Parking in Meadowat Mouzillonis listed as reception of camper vans on many sites dedicated to followers of this mode of transport.

It is also widely present in locations where wines are displayed Loire valleyleaving these tourists the opportunity to make small tasting stops and to discover all the points of interest that can be visited in the sector.

Clisson, the neighboring town, attracts

However, we must not ignore the communication work of the Nantes Vineyard Tourist Office, which is clearly appreciated by these visitors.

Where do these people come from and how do they come Mouzillon ?

The first element of the answer is provided by a couple from Grenoble.

We first heard about Clisson through a motorhome forum, everyone recommends visiting the Hellfest festival site and the castle in this beautiful Italian-style town. But later we were told that ten kilometers away the Mouzillon reception is nice and there are little things to visit all around.

Opinions left on forums

The Breton couple confirm they wanted to come thanks to messages left on dedicated forums, but then took a different approach.

After seeing many positive posts about the Nantes region on various forums, and as for us, we wanted to visit Anne de Bretagne Castle. Arriving on site, we discovered the magnificent city of Nantes and then set off for the Vendée in Puy du Fou. And we met other people who were traveling like us in camper vans, and they told us about Clisson and this rest stop in Mouzillon. They themselves came from Gers.

Shopping in the village

Observing a little, at the end of the afternoon, the camps arrive in the area, and it is not uncommon for people to go down to the municipality, baskets in hand, to shop there.

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Moreover, it is located in shops that these visitors can buy tokens that allow them to fill up with water and to empty the waste water on La Prée parking lot.

the parking lot it is authorized free of charge for a maximum of 48 hours.

“We have requested statistical data from the inter-municipal administration that manages this parking space, we will announce them as soon as we know them”, concluded Laurent Ollivier, 2e Deputy.

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