New sanitary facilities planned for Roscanvel Municipal Camp – Roscanvel

New sanitary facilities planned for Roscanvel Municipal Camp - Roscanvel

Set amidst nature, Roscanvel Council Camp has a fervent following. This summer 2022, 44 lots and four mobile homes were taken by storms. Record attendance that generates a projected turnover of 35,000 euros. Previously only open from July 1 to August 31, it is now available from early June to September 30 to meet demand.

A new mobile home is also under construction

“It’s a small camp that works well,” confirms First Deputy Philippe Deverre. With this profit budget, we have a small mattress to upgrade”. This budget is autonomous and should therefore allow certain investments. Already in 2021-2022. In 2008, works were carried out on the overall cleanliness of the terrain (vegetation and reception area), fences were installed around the entire perimeter, as well as additional electrical terminals and three cabin stages for mountaineers were installed.

Among the pending projects: the purchase of a new mobile home and, as a priority, the complete renovation of the sanitary facility. “We hope that by next season we will be able to renovate the sanitary facilities, the elected official confides. However, it is currently complicated to mobilize project managers and certain labor companies. They are not available”.

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