Normandy: focus on the Colleville-Montgomery camper area

L'aire de camping-car de Colleville-Mongtomery, dans le Calvados

The town of Colleville-Montgomery, in Calvados, is certainly a place to remember. Motorhomes who come to visit the D-Day landing sites will appreciate a stop there, as will those who come generally to discover Normandy.

The new Colleville-Montgomery resort offers 16 stabilized and well-defined terrains.

  • Location: access via the D35, near the sports field.
  • Private part of Aire Park located on St-Aubin Street.
  • Parking: available throughout the year for 16 cc at a flat rate of €13 per credit card, which decreases according to the season.
  • Services: all, included in the package or available for upgrade at a price of €5.50. Wireless.
  • GPS: N 49°16’16” – W 0°17’55”
  • Info:

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Around the area

Designated with the Blue Flag, the town is located on the Nacre side between Hermanville-sur-Mer and Ouistreham. It has a beach which is now a place of recreation for the whole family, which was renamed Sword Beach during the Allied landings in 1944. The Atlantic Wall Museum is located in the neighboring town of Ouistreham, allowing us to approach this important episode in our history in a different way.

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