Olivier Nasti Chef of the Year for the Gault et Millau guide

Olivier Nasti Chef of the Year for the Gault et Millau guide

Sébastien Vauxion, with his entire meals around dessert in Courchevel, was named best pastry chef.

Olivier Nasti, the chef of the restaurant Le Chambard in Kaysersberg (Alsace), and already two Michelin stars, was chosen as the chef of the year by the French gastronomic guide Gault et Millau, according to the list of awards published on Monday, November 28 at the Carreau du Hram (Paris ) . Sébastien Vauxion, with his entire meals around dessert in Sarkara (Courchevel), is dedicated to the best pastry chef.

Olivier Nasti succeeds Hugo Roellinger (2022), Christophe Hay (2021) and Arnaud Donckele (2020). An egg at 64°C, with the yolk cooked at this temperature and hidden under the white of another egg like a ravioli, is Olivier Nasti’s signature dish, which he rejected in a lighter takeaway version during the health crisis. His ability to adapt to a crisis has also earned him several gastronomic accolades. Deer tartare with caviar, venison pot with cranberries, rabbit in leaf by leaf: a keen hunter, he also reinvents game dishes.

Originally from the Belfort region, he made his debut at Château Servin, a star-studded restaurant in this city, with chef Dominique Mathy. Also a former student of Olivier Roellinger, Olivier Nasti settled in 2000 in the tourist village of Kaysersberg. Enshrined in 2007 as the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, he quickly immersed himself in Alsatian culture, which he regularly revisits with dishes such as his lightly smoked Rhine eel glazed with citrus fruits.

An entire meal consisting of dessert

Also with two stars, Sébastien Vauxion heads Sarkara, one of the few restaurants in the world where the entire meal consists of dessert. He told AFP in September that he built his restaurant on a “no man’s land”. Since then he sees “a lot of creations appeared” made on the same principle as his: “in the world of desserts, but not in sugar”.

U “starter-dessert”, offers mushroom and coconut ice cream with candied lemon peel. His “dessert cheese” it is accompanied by pastries with baked flour and sorbet with fresh herbs. Like his mentor Pierre Gagnaire, Sébastien Vauxion focused his work on fruits and vegetables. Beets, artichokes, onions or tomatoes are suitable for all delicacies in combination with citrus fruits, seasonal fruits and herbs.

Six “Big Tomorrows”

The Yellow Guide, celebrating its 50th anniversary since it was created in 1972 by journalists Henri Gault and Christian Millau, also presented other awards: Sommelier of the Year to Alessandro Nigro Imperiale (Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat ); room manager Hervé Parmentier (Pierre Gagnaire, Paris); young talent of the year in the hall Enzo Duffet (Paul Bocuse, Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or).

Finally, six “Grands of tomorrow” were honored by Gault et Millau, which is the cleaning of young talents with its motto: Mallory Gabsi (Paris), Diego Delbecq for Rozó (Marcq-en-Baroeul), Mélanie Serre for Elsa (Monaco). ), Ingrid Deffein and Guillaume Decombat for Sources (Nantes), Virginie Giboire for Racines (Rennes) and Aurélien Largeau for Rotonde at the Hôtel du Palais (Biarritz).

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