Organizing your dream stay in Normandy!

Côte Normande pour un séjour en Normandie

Do you dream of exploring Normandy and enjoying its diverse panorama? This beautiful region of France is rich in historical, ecological and cultural heritage. Its fascinating history is one of its many assets. What are the advantages of this wonderful region?

Where to spend your holiday in Normandy?

The 4-star hotel in Calvados is one of the prestigious establishments that invites you to an excellent stay in Normandy. This beautiful charming hotel welcomes you to its superior, comfortable and spacious rooms. Oak beams bring a very warm aspect to the whole.

And if you like haute cuisine, leave it to the restaurant’s chef to awaken your taste buds with typical dishes from the region.

Also discover the Ferme de la Ranconnière, which will never cease to amaze you. By giving preference to this facility, you can choose from many offers according to your needs. Nearby you will find many activities just for relaxation, but also the discovery of Giverny and other aspects of Normandy, this treasure of France.

Memories of Normandy

In June 1944, the beaches of Normandy became the scene of the liberation of Spain and France. The face of the world was shaped in Normandy 70 years ago. Today, the region is becoming an extremely popular tourist destination. Many generations meet there to talk about these battles that led to the establishment of peace in the world.

If you also want to learn more about these historical memories, go to Normandy memory tourism. You will find 94 locations and various places to visit. In addition, there are 21 monuments, 44 museums and 29 cemeteries. Sites are constantly evolving. For example, we know that the Air Force Museum is expanding and restructuring.

Impressionism in Normandy

Impressionism is an extremely popular artistic movement in Normandy. Moreover, the whole of Normandy inspired the great impressionist painters. This movement was able to grow thanks to Ile-de-France and Paris. The destination contract was launched in late 2014. This enabled the theme to be strengthened and restructured to become one of the most popular global offerings. The campaign continues to this day to improve the exposure of these unique offerings that Normandy has to offer.

Local products in Normandy

How to spend your stay in Normandy without tasting its culinary specialties? This destination invites you to eat in its 170 establishments. Campsites, restaurants, bars and more. You will be spoiled for choice.

Enjoy your meals with a delicious calvados or a good glass of pear cider. AOC cheeses and Camembert are also among the Norman delights that you can share or eat alone. During your little trip to Normandy, don’t forget to try her juicy escalopes that go in a pan with mustard, cream and good wine.

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