Pastry chef Anne Coruble creates three Christmas cakes with complementary flavors for The Peninsula Paris hotel

Bûches de Noël 2022 - The Peninsula Paris

Christmas logs on your holiday table and not just any. They are signed by the pastry chef who was awarded by the Michelin guide in 2021 Anne Coruble for a 5-star hotel. Peninsula Parisand your year-end holiday meals are looking very promising.

This year, the young chef, newly appointed pastry chef of the luxury establishment on Avenue Kléber at the beginning of the year, reinvents L’Oiseau Blanc’s signature desserts in the form of three logs with complementary universes: yogurt-fennel, vanilla-tobacco and truffle-hazelnut.

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Yogurt-fennel Yuletide

The first log, yogurt and fennel, was inspired by one of the first desserts presented by the chef in the fall of 2020: yogurt, cassis and Fraîcheur de fennel. Christmas Eve combines the smoothness of mountain yogurt cream and the freshness of fennel and candied lemon with blackcurrant compote and fir bud vinegar. Everything is placed on a delicious soft lemon pine biscuit and a raw milk crunch.

Christmas Eve 2022 - Peninsula Paris

Christmas Eve Vanilla-Tobacco

The second log is a veritable ode to Tahitian vanilla, paying tribute to Cheffe’s signature vanilla and tobacco dessert, which won this year’s Lebey Award for Best Dessert. This log occupies a dessert composed of vanilla foam and grilled tobacco, revealing in the heart a soft biscuit of muscovado, rapadura and tobacco, creamy vanilla caviar on licorice and candied lemon molasses, as well as creamy vanilla, all on top of crunchy vanilla and black cardamom.

Christmas Eve 2022 - Peninsula Paris

Truffle-hazelnut Christmas Eve

And finally, Anne Coruble chose a daring combination of truffles and hazelnuts for her third and final diary. Concentrated raw milk cream with black truffle allows a soothing praline with roasted hazelnut (cazette) and truffle to appear at its heart, as well as a regressive hazelnut sponge cake, itself coated with creamy black truffle and cazette, all served on crispy smoked black truffle.

Christmas Eve 2022 - Peninsula Paris
Christmas Eve 2022 - Peninsula Paris

These three magnificent and delicious Anna Coruble Yuletide for The Peninsula Paris are available together – not sold individually – from 19 December at €115 for three for 12 people. Pre-registration required 72 hours in advance with on-site pickup.
Reservations on 01 58 12 28 88 or by email

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