Perpignan court: “very discreet” thieves in their robot-decorated motor home

Perpignan court: "very discreet" thieves in their robot-decorated motor home

Makes you wonder if the thief duo wanted to be arrested, their modus operandi as their vehicle was ostentatious to say the least.

John and Paul have things in common, they are not members of a famous rock band, but cocaine addicts with no jobs and no money. To satisfy their vice, they have only theft. This 1er December, they spotted an electric scooter that one of the employees had left in front of an establishment in Le Boulou. John drives Paul’s home on a motorbike, the latter getting out to grab the two-wheeler as his assistant maneuvers to turn around and retrieve his buddy “in flight”.

The next day, in Les Cluses, a young mother is seen putting her bag in front of her house and going home for a few moments before putting her children in her vehicle.
Diving attack on the bag.
With the victim’s bank card, the thieves rush to Perthus… to buy beer, cigarettes and cakes. The accomplices were spotted, and so was their vehicle: an old motor home decorated with the hood of a small robot. In the morning they were found, arrested and brought back to court. For John, who is already under judicial supervision awaiting the verdict for the thefts scheduled for March, the case promises to be difficult…

“But I didn’t steal, I drove the vehicle.”

A way of looking at things that does not convince the president. “You say that you consume between €20 and €40 worth of drugs per day, where do you get your money from, you have no income!?”

And, addressing Paul: “And why did you do that?”
“It felt like this…
“He is also a user of drugs, coke, heroin, he is treated with Subutex.

Faced with so much candor, the court will remain on the terms: 6 months for Paul, 1 year for John with continued custody.

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