Pontivy Community: Questions, Answers and Unhappy People – Pontivy

Pontivy Community: Questions, Answers and Unhappy People - Pontivy

French fries on the line?

The railway line connecting Auray with Saint-Gérand is, as we know, used for freight trains. And tourism, with the success we know. However, this 160-year-old infrastructure is dilapidated. And in the absence of investment, the end of its use cannot be ruled out. As you already understood, you will have to put your hands in your pocket to restore it with the participation of the state, the Brittany region, the Baud community, Le Gouessant, the Avril group and the Pontivy community. Which, of course, caused a reaction in the ranks of the council. “That is unacceptable,” intervened one of the advisors, Paul Le Guernic. We are now asking for money from the cross-community! It is not normal for us to deal with the jurisdiction of the state”. And Jean-Jacques Videlo was angry: “These are strategic infrastructures for the country. By the way, we are waiting for our RER in Pontivy… Let’s be suspicious: we have been promised, but be careful not to use it as an excuse to close the line later. I draw a parallel with the closure of the northern line, Loudéac – Saint-Brieuc…”. In the end, the elected officials voted to co-finance by the Pontivy Communauté the performance maintenance operations for the year 2022 in the amount of €19,110, as well as preliminary investigative studies on for the need to regenerate the line up to €28,245.

Camping: really paradise?

The project “took wrinkles”, metaphorized Jo Le Bouëdec. But as of this week, it’s really taking shape: indeed, interco has confirmed the project to create a camp among the Pontivy communities, approving the start of work and taking into account the decision of the City of Pontivy to close the current camp when the new site is up and running. Part of the money invested by the Pontivy Communauté: 2.5 million euros. During the vote, four abstained. In the room, visitor. Daniel Hillion, resident in the district of Kerostin, in Pontivy. And of course he was not happy. After being contacted, he explained to us “that this camp will be very expensive and far from everything.” I think the current camp Toulboubou is very good, it’s a real camp! I am afraid that with this inter-community camp, the traffic in the neighborhood will intensify. Few people here want this camp…”.

Sapphire, a gem to polish?

80,000 visitors at 30 events throughout the year. The Sapphire Halls in Pontivy, built in 1993, are the perfect tool for the Pays de Pontivy region. But a feasibility study was done to improve it. “These are structuring projects, it’s part of our heritage, taking care of it means maintaining it,” explains president Bernard Le Breton. This is therefore likely to stimulate future debates within the assembly. Meanwhile, Claude-Albert Le Bris, dressed in her usual verve, said “we’ll have to choose between the gear we’re going to produce in the Pontivy Community. There is no printing press in the community of Pontivy”. The chosen one especially thought of the famous stadium on the water…

Force pass?

Bernard Le Breton knows it, the project of a giant pedestrian bridge between Morbihan and Côtes-d’Armor will officially fall into the water on Friday, during the council of Saint-Aignan which, apart from the cataclysm, will take the act of decision of the population after the popular consultation last week. The mayor of Saint-Aignan took the opportunity to express himself subtly. “The decision will be confirmed on Friday evening. I am pleased that I was able to give the floor to Saintaignanais on a project that we wanted to impose on them by force and without any transparency. There have been misleading campaigns, including against me. I just want to welcome the existence of a pact on the governance of the Pontifical community that must take into account the opinion of the city in question”.

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