Pontivy: start of work on the future inter-municipal camp in 2023

Pontivy: start of work on the future inter-municipal camp in 2023

pontivy intermunicipal camp
Work on the future inter-municipal camp will begin in March 2023, in this quiet part of the Pontic quarter between the canal, towpath and fields… ©(Photo archive)

“Is it the Arlesienne ? “Questions by Marie-Madeleine Doré-Lucas, Monday evening, November 28, 2022, in the municipal council Pontivy (Morbihan), to the address of the mayor Christine Le Strat. Elected member of the opposition Nupes requests information about future inter-municipal camp

Opening 2025…

The city councilor first reminded him that the file was the subject of discussion at the councils Pontivy Community and not during the municipal council. In short.

The land is located in the area Kerostinmore precisely between the towpath Nant-Brest Canal (which goes towards Cascade), and rue Édith-Piaf and rue de Bretagne. Residents have expressed themselves worries and theirs anger vis-à-vis this project to the elected officials of Pontivy, in September 2019, during a visit to the neighborhood. We remind you that project management has been chosen since 2018.

In short. ” The urban planning permit was issued in June 2022. Then it took time to change the destination field in the rain (local inter-municipal urban plan). The project will soon be presented to the community council, since it went to the tender committee. »

Calendar level, “the works will start in March 2023 for a opening in 2025,” the mayor points out. Call for applications for delegation of public services will be published in September 2023.

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