potos days with Daviet & co

potos days with Daviet & co

After Black Friday, Black Week and all this shopping madness, let’s get back to the basics, simple boards with no binders for maximum fun, laughs, slams, 3000 cholesterol crociflet, relentless Uno games, friends who love, love life.

Sometimes I could feel like I was frozen for 20 years, and I came back to the strange world of snowboarding, a bit filled with marketing competitions in the construction of technical boards, pirouette championships, champion breeders, etc… Sometimes it seems like a boring look.

And when the video comes back with the fun of the early days, then we want to say banco, banco la roulette, banco les potos.

Enjoy if you haven’t seen it. And are you planning trips to the snow with your friends this winter? god’s name, because as the great philosopher, the finally famous New York rapper said: life is a bitch and then you die.

And besides, there’s a guest ugh, a skateboard killer!

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