Power outage: French rush for camping equipment

Power outage: French rush for camping equipment

Faced with possible power outages this winter, sales of camping gear have jumped in recent days.

Gas stoves, lanterns, auxiliary heating… Sales of camping equipment have exploded in recent days, and many French people fear a power outage this winter. Fearing that they will not be able to get light or heat, many consumers expect to buy this additional equipment.

“We will create our logistics to make transfers between each store or larger orders from our suppliers,” the manager of the camping division of a specialty store in Paris explained to CNEWS, faced with an increase in demand for his customers. “I bought a dish warmer. If there is ever a power outage, I could cook a little, heat up some coffee,” said a store customer.

These little extras aren’t the only ones experiencing an increase in demand, and some are even bigger. According to experts in the sector, sales of generators have also exploded since August.

The French appear to be preparing for a possible blackout, while the government tries to reassure the population not to panic. Emmanuel Macron specifically condemned “scenarios of fear”.

The test day on December 9 will have no impact on individuals.

The executive power thus encourages the use of the Ecowatt application, which is managed by RTE, in order to be informed about the state of the electricity network, but also to adopt eco-gestures in terms of electricity consumption.

In the case of a red warning on Ecowatt, there may be a power outage for a maximum of two hours in certain parts of the territory. RTE also forecasts the first peak in electricity consumption for this Thursday, at 7 p.m., and next Monday at noon, while temperatures continue to drop.

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