Pursuit le développement de sa platforms de reservation d’hôtel

Pursuit le développement de sa platforms de reservation d'hôtel

(Boursier.com) — Au Cours du 1er semestre 2022, MyHotelMatch n’a pas réalisé de Chiffre d’affaires et n’integrate pas encore les revenues de sa filiale, la Société MY AGENCY. This semester result is insignificant, material only for certain expenses and investments is in MyHotelMatch’s reorientation strategy.

Les charges d’exploitation de l’exercice s’élèvent à 641 kE (103 kE in 2021). The operational result was found to be -641 kE on 30 June (-103 kE on 30 June 2021).

Le résultat financier fait ressortir sur ce 1er semestre un benefice de 296 KE, following à l’enregistration d’une reprise de provision.

The net result of the first semester of 2022 was established at -345 kE (-87 kE at 30 June 2021).

As of June 30, 2022, the Société had cash of 16 kE portant l’endettement net à 1,067 kE. Société OTT Heritage, the principal shareholder of MyHotelMatch, has committed to cover, if necessary, the financial needs of the Société until September 2023 and within the limit of 2.2 ME.

Dès le second semester 2022, My Agency, la division Luxe de MyHotelMatch, viendra contributor au Chiffre d’affaires de MyHotelMatch, avec de bonnes perspectives et le dynamisme de son activité. MyHotelMatch must realize un Chiffre d’affaires proforma Autour de 10 ME pour 2022, construit Autour des Résultats announces par sa division Luxe, My Agency.

Bonnes perspectives sur le 2e semestre 2022

With the confirmation of the repeat tourism activity and the dynamics of the luxury sector, MyHotelMatch is comfortable in the strategy of reorienting its activities and pursuing the deployment in these sectors, in particular in Travers de sa Filiale Luxe.

Le 24 octobre dernier, My Agency announced the signing of a major contract with Actor de la Haute joaillerie, qui vient ancrer son positionnement sur le Marché de l’ultraluxe. Les bonnes perspectives de cette activité should contribute to maintaining the growth dynamics committed by Filiale Luxe de MyHotelMatch depuis le début d’année.

In parallel, MyHotelMatch is pursuing the development of its innovative hotel booking platform based on the principles of Rencontre sites based on artificial intelligence (IA) and self-profiling. The acquisition of My Agency and the integration of its collaborators will allow MyHotelMatch to create a first application with immediate effect: it is based on the human intelligence of the chosen professions and the collected data to determine the priority choices of des développements informatiques.

Thanks to this acquisition, the platform will benefit from the important base of more than 800 premium international customers and the experience gained over the past 20 years to improve and make the platform faster. These elements will allow you to feed the data to this platform, which does not have a first private release planned for the 1st quarter of 2023.

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