Qatar: The Life of a Handmaid to the Rich

Qatar: The Life of a Handmaid to the Rich

Qatar’s human rights record is under scrutiny as the World Cup takes place in Doha. Much has been written about the treatment of migrant workers who built stadiums and hotels, but what about the foreign maids who work for the Qatari ruling classes? Megha Mohan, the BBC’s gender and identity correspondent, talks to the two about living long hours with no days off.

I make contact with Gladys (not her real name) late at night, after her Qatari elite employers have gone to bed.

In a short online chat, she told me that she works every day from 8am to 11pm. She cleans, helps prepare meals and takes care of the children.

She eats leftovers from family meals and says she hasn’t had a day off since she started 18 months ago.

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