Restos Plaisirs launches Hop! toque

Restos Plaisirs launches Hop!  toque

After experiencing this during the pandemic, Groupe Restos Plaisirs relies on ready meals, which represent strong growth potential throughout the province, with the launch of a new brand.

This new brand is Hop! Toque, which means you go and enjoy a good meal like in a restaurant, but in the comfort of your own home.

“It’s an evolution with everything we’ve learned over the past two years during the pandemic,” explains Pierre Moreau, CEO of Restos Plaisirs, which last June joined forces with Groupe Sportscene to create the Grandi Group.

Pickup points

Orders can be delivered or picked up at six pickup locations in the Quebec region.

“At the moment we are targeting the Quebec market. […] There is great potential [avec Grandio] and that is part of our business plan. We have great plans to develop this concept outside of Quebec City,” he added.


The merger with Grandio Group is a growth accelerator, emphasizes Moro. “This will allow our brands to grow faster. »

The goal of opening a Cochon Dingue restaurant in the Montreal area by the end of 2023 is still in the works.

“Thanks to the Grandio Group, we are looking at several locations. To begin with, we want to develop on the south coast. We are waiting for proposals from donors. If all goes well, we hope to open our first Cochon Dingue by the end of 2023 in the Montreal area. »

“After 35 years, we’re a very well-known brand, so we think we’ll have a good reception in Montreal. »

The cooperation with Sportscene is “very positive”, assures Mr. Moreau.

“Even if only a few months have passed, we are very satisfied. »

The labor shortage is greater in Quebec than elsewhere


Labor shortages are hitting Quebec City harder, notes the CEO of Groupe Restos Plaisirs, who spoke with fellow restaurant owners in the Montreal region.

“It is certain that in Quebec the labor shortage remains a big problem. Quebec City is generally the most affected,” says Pierre Moreau.

“The population is most elderly in Quebec and the rest of Canada. As public service is important, we have people who retire very early, at 58, 59, 60 years old. After that, the pandemic had the effect we know,” he said.

“In the rest of Quebec, it’s difficult, the workforce, but it’s less striking than in Quebec. I have many colleagues from La Cage Brewery in Montreal who manage to work seven days a week, which I can’t yet do in Quebec. »

Each restaurant in the Restos Plaisirs Group has adjusted its working hours.

Some Cochon Dingue, for example, will close at 3pm early in the week. Heaven! Hotel Le Concorde is only open in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, the second floor of Cochon Dingue on rue Saint-Jean can only receive customers one day a week.

A huge challenge

Despite hiring abroad, we see that the workforce challenge remains a major problem in the restaurant business.

According to data from the Association of Restaurateurs Québec (ARQ), the total number of jobs in Quebec’s hotel and restaurant industry (223,600) remains 15.7% lower than in October 2019, in the second quarter of 2022. Therefore, there are 41,600 fewer employees in industry than three years ago.

“Many made new career choices because they were tired of yo-yoing or waiting for reopenings,” said Martin Vézina, vice president of public and government affairs at ARQ.

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