Rimor: a very attractive range of Kilig caravans – Brand news

Series Kilig is positioned as a good entry level for rimor offering a rich and varied offer, limited exclusively to transporter Ford Transit.

The Kilig range got its beautiful name from the Filipino culture. This term refers to a feeling of excitement at first glance… like when you discover the low profiles or bodies that make up this series.

On the ship, the engineers continued to work unique atmosphere the aim of which was to quickly attract the attention of those who boarded. Exclusive furniture shows a sober and refined line, where light colors give a warm and modern tone to the whole. This aesthetic contrast is successful.

In more detail, the Kilig series consists of five profiles from 5.99 m to 7.30 m with prices in between €54,369 and only €58,460.

On another level, Rimor continues to work for families with a strong proposition six nasturtiums of 5.95 m and 7.30 m length also on the market “eco” tickets are between 54,346 and 57,802 euros.

Despite the density of the catalog, we decided to focus on four key models:

Kilig 4: a surprising little nasturtium

The Kilig 4 has the great advantage of offering four real beds on an ultra-compact size of 5.95 m. This feat is achieved by the fact that Rimor makes maximum use of every space in the vehicle with a double bed in the canopy and a transverse bed base in the rear. The salon can accommodate four guests, both on the road (CG seats) and on stage. Another significant thing is the extremely aggressive price of this model of €54,346.

Price: €54,346

L x W x H: 5.95 x 2.30 x 3.04 m

Kilig 50: unique

Look no further, Kilig 50 has no competition on the market. Rimor is truly the only brand that believes in a location for large families. At a length of less than 7 m, there are 6 truly permanent beds thanks to a rear bedroom that is as surprising as it is innovative. This bedroom has 2×2 bunk beds arranged on either side of the central bathroom. Unbelievable!

Price: €56,937

L x W x H: 6.97 x 2.30 x 3.04 m

Kilig 18 Plus: compactness is its strength

This profile shows exceptional compactness with a width of less than 6 m. However, this Kilig 18 Plus model retains excellent habitability and relies on a large transverse double berth. This bed layout allows you to take advantage of a garage rack that can easily accommodate a two-wheeler. Above all, this profile is very attractively priced, giving this vehicle one of the best performance-price ratios in the series.

Price: €54,369

L x W x H: 5.95 x 2.30 x 2.84 m

Kilig 67 Plus: in trend

The low-profile Kilig 67 Plus surfs the current trend by developing a spacious layout without a floor bed. This Kilig has a large living room with face-to-face benches that can accommodate up to 6 people. The bathroom takes up the entire rear and has a large dressing room that extends beyond the garage space. Along with the plan, its price clearly remains an advantage.

Price: €56,415

L x W x H: 6.44 x 2.30 x 2.84 m

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