Rodez in the heart of the district: what projects for the former camp Layoule?

Rodez in the heart of the district: what projects for the former camp Layoule?

Dormant at the beginning of the health crisis, the municipal camp should not revive. The city hall assures that there are “several projects” for that location.

Municipal management, or direct management in political jargon, sometimes has its limits. Camp Layoule is proof of that. Located in a green environment, close to the city center, it had everything on paper to succeed. And we say to ourselves that a private person, an accommodation professional, could almost do miracles with this space… Alas, after a few years of half figs and grapes, the camp shut down at the very beginning of the health crisis. , 2020. The information made no noise, the opposition to the municipal team never caught the topic.

Almost three years later and holding the edition of Rodez-Plage in that place, before going to the stud, the residents of the district are animated by the question: what will the city hall really do with this space in the future? “Let the residents calm down, there will be no buildings”, they assure us in the corridors of the City Hall. Asked about the subject, Christian Teyssèdre assures that there are “several projects” for this corner of the city. And it should not be a new accommodation offer, the mayor and president of the agglomeration have on several occasions expressed interest in the development of this aspect of the economy on the Combelles side. “We can make it a leading area for ecotourism”, he repeated several times. Entrepreneur Yves Verdié, who is already at the head of the tourist resort, has the same project.

As for the Layoule camp and the City Hall office projects, two would be more advanced than the others. According to our knowledge, a restaurateur has long since positioned himself to install a kind of “guinguette” there. The town hall would not be completely opposed to this idea, even if Christian Teyssèdre assures that he will not “no concessions on closing time, to avoid inconvenience to the neighborhood”. However, according to our knowledge, the city councilor is also thinking about transforming the old part of the camp into an area for campers. This would make it possible to expand the limited offer of the area located a little further, in the Gué de Salelles. Provided that demand matches supply… And vice versa.

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