Route du Rhum 2022. What are the canned dishes that can replace the frozen ones?

Route du Rhum 2022. What are the canned dishes that can replace the frozen ones?

Lise Di Giulioc, chef de cuisine at Carnaco, started preparing canned food. Recipes that are easy to take with you on a camping trip or on a boat. His dishes seduce some navigators of the Route du Rhum who chose this formula, rather than freeze-dried bags.

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His friend who sails in the small world of sailing gave him an idea: it is not easy to find good long-lasting food that you can take with you when you spend several days, even several weeks at sea.

So Lise Di Giulioc said to herself: “why not prepare canned meals for boaters ?”

Morbihannaise has always been steeped in hospitality. Her parents are restaurateurs in La Trinité sur Mer. After traveling around the world, especially in Australia and Asian countries where she was a chef in several restaurants, Lise Di Giulioc returned to work in Morbihan for ten years.

Passionate about the theater, the hours of serving in the kitchen did not leave her enough time for her passion. Therefore, in 2021, she decided to build her own kitchen where she could cook her own small meals and make them at her own pace.

She started testing recipes with her friends, and specialized in sterilizing food at high temperatures. After investing in an autoclave, in January 2021, she created Nomad’s Kitchen, her website for online sales.

Storing canned food has advantages and disadvantages for skippers. The advantage is that the entire dish is prepared very quickly, the disadvantage is its weight, it is heavier than freezing because the water remains in the product.

For sailors who have a windlass this represents additional weight, and everyone knows that everything that fits in a racing boat must be able to prove its usefulness or risk being left on the pontoon, it’s a matter of weight and therefore speed.

Lise Di Giulioc tested her first orders with some Transat Jacques Vabres skippers, “event that served as my crash test”she says.

Since then, Nomad’s Kitchen has been gaining momentum. For this 12th Route du rhum, many skippers like Charles Caudrelier or Armel Le Cléac’h invite her to it.

Auray’s navigator Erwan Le Roux prefers canned food to freeze-dried, which he says is less digestible under certain conditions: “it’s really fun, you have to last longer in this sprint.”

And Lise reminds us that her small vessels are not only intended for adventurers on the open sea. They can very well be taken for a small Sunday walk, or a trip to the sea. To work like adults.

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