sales of stoves and flashlights are growing

sales of stoves and flashlights are growing

RMC INFO. Although there could be potential blackouts this winter in the event of high tensions, the French are flocking to certain camping equipment in specialist stores. According to information from RMC, sales of stoves and rechargeable or battery-powered lamps have multiplied by 10 in the last ten days compared to the same period in 2021 at Au Vieux Campeur stores.

It’s not hot, the campsites aren’t full, and it’s not really time for hiking. However, in specialized stores, the shelves are almost empty.

According to information from RMC, in Au vieux campeur stores, the sale of stoves and rechargeable or battery lamps has multiplied by 10 in the last ten days, compared to the same period in 2021.

It is a concern about electricity and possible power outages in case of high voltage. This explosion in sales “is clearly because they have been told that they risk running out of electricity,” explains the brand’s managing director Au Vieux campeur.

French people who want to expect

Sales figures were multiplied by 4 for rechargeable batteries and solar panels and by 3 for gas and gasoline stove cartridges.

“I prefer to try to predict, so it’s probably more psychological than anything, but I say to myself ‘you never know’, I don’t want to be an unworthy dad. If it was something that didn’t last, we could eat it cold, but it even more fun if we can make a hot dish,” says Sylvain, a burner and a small gas canister under his arm as he leaves the Decathlon.

There are those who are afraid of not being able to eat hot meals and others who are afraid of being left in the dark. “I prefer to be farsighted anyway, I’m not really into candles, it scares me a bit, so I prefer a lamp like this,” explains Myriam, who is looking for a stand-alone lamp.

Sale similar to May or June

Brand CEO Au Vieux Campeur also points out that he received “tons of emails from people wanting emergency generators.” The problem is that these stores don’t sell them. This does not prevent them from making very good numbers, in an unexpected period.

“They are robbing us a lot on the stove, lighting, all autonomous modes to either light at home or cook food. We do sales there that correspond to what we will do in May or June, not in December,” says Cyril, manager of the store in Marseille, which is one of 11 present in the country.

“A stove is not a basic Christmas present,” he concludes.

On Tuesday afternoon, the President of the Republic wanted to reassure the French and criticized the “scenario of fear”. He added: “We are a big country, we have a great energy model, we will survive this winter despite the war.”

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