Sarreguemines. Christmas meal for seniors is back

Sarreguemines.  Christmas meal for seniors is back

These four have only known each other for ten minutes, and there is already a lot of laughter at their table. The village hall of the Town Hall is full of people on this day of Christmas holidays for the elderly.

see friends again

“It’s an opportunity to see friends again and make new acquaintances,” says Astrid (74), who came with her husband Charles (81). The couple, who live near the detention center, are on good terms, with a good eye. Next to them, Fatima, 65, and Jean-Jacques, 71, come from the district with a market garden. “It’s usually from the age of 70, but since I’m his wife, I have the right to go with him,” explains Fatima, who is impatiently waiting to try the meal prepared by restaurateur Schmitt from Wœlfling-lès. – Sarreguemines. Chef’s velouté, hake on a bed of sauerkraut, queen of snacks, cheese and pear poached in red wine, Christmas cookies and coffee! A good workout before the small meals of the year-end celebration. And to aid digestion and wait between two courses, music lovers can do a few dance steps to the tunes played by Jacky Melody.

A meal or package

The city has 3,200 inhabitants over 70 years old. “The elderly have a choice. If they can’t or don’t want to come to the Christmas party, we offer them a wonderful package with homemade products. Some choose cautiously even in relation to Covid”, explains Mathias Camillo, deputy director of the Municipal Center.

He notes: “Compared to last year, we have 200 more people over 70 in the city. 900 people decided to come to this Christmas party. As there are many people, we organize it for three days. For many, this festive meal is the only date of the year. Proof that some are looking forward to this event, the first ones were already there at 11am to reserve their place.

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