scallops with cider sauce from Chef Julien Lefebvre

scallops with cider sauce from Chef Julien Lefebvre

Lacking inspiration for a holiday meal at the end of the year? Discover the recipe for scallops and fried in cider from Julien Lefebvre, chef and owner of the restaurant “L’âtre” in Honfleur.

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Using a scallop knife, open the shells, then scoop out the nuts with a spoon. Also collect the bars and clean them well. Reserve for making the sauce.

Put a little oil in the pan to heat it, put the apples and color them on each side. Keep warm.

  • 4 large porcini mushrooms
  • 100 g of chanterelles
  • 100 g of mushrooms
  • 1 bag of enoki
  • 4 brown mushrooms
  • 1 pippin apple queen

Wash and drain all the mushrooms. Take 4 porcini shavings.

Heat the oil in a pan, put the mushrooms, add a piece of butter and season. Keep warm.

  • 100 g of butter
  • 75 g shallots
  • 100 g of mushrooms
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 200 g of scallops
  • 25 cl of white wine
  • 10 cl of calf’s leg jelly
  • 25 cl of white poultry stock
  • parsley stalks

Melt the butter in a large copper saucepan. Add shallots, mushrooms and garlic cloves. Allow to sweat without coloring, add scallops and allow to sweat again, then deglaze with white wine and partially reduce.

Moisten with veal leg jelly and white stock, then simmer for 30 minutes with parsley stalks.

  • 1 bottle of sweet cider “Le Père Jules”.
  • 10 cl of liquid cream
  • 50 g of butter
  • ½ lemon

Reduce the apple cider in a saucepan and mix with the sauce base, cream reduced by half. Bring to a boil and beat in the butter.

Adjust the seasoning and acidify with a little lemon juice.

Place a scallop in the middle of a flat, round plate, and next to it, a porcini mushroom. Place a piece of porcini mushroom on top, then add different mushrooms.

Pour in the cider sauce and finish with the tops of the rue des jardins.

Inspired by uncles and aunts in professions related to the world of good food, farmers or catering trades, for example, Julien Lefebvre naturally chose the path of hospitality, ambitious to find a way to fulfill his desire to transform materials, and why not food products.

Originally from Lisieux, the young man joined the Hérouville-Saint-Clair Hotel School and his internship at the Normandy Hotel in Deauville quickly set him the goal of always achieving excellence in his future career. His first job was in London, with a French chef who was on his way to earning a star in the Michelin guide. This is an opportunity to discover the cosmopolitan city and to open up to the world in the most beautiful way right now.

The desire to get to know some of the most famous houses then leads Julien to Paris, to the prestigious Pré Catelan. During the seven years he held office here, the rise was drastic which saw him evolve from clerk to head of party in 6 months, and then 18 months later to be appointed deputy chef before that, for 3 years to become Frédéric Anton’s assistant .

Julien was then spotted by Mathieu Pacaud, driven by the desire to create his own restaurants near Trocadéro, Hexagone and Histoires. The entrepreneur offers him a nine-month training in the kitchens of his father Bernard at L’Ambroisie (3 stars in the Michelin guide), for another extraordinary adventure both on a culinary and a human level.

Very soon after opening, the two addresses in the 16th arrondissement stand out in the Parisian gastronomic landscape and encourage other projects. This will be the duplication of L’Ambroisie in Macau, the takeover of the Divellec institution, Place des Invalides and soon the opening of Table de la Ferme, in the heart of the magnificent Murtoli estate, in Corsica.

Driven by the desire to step out of the shadows and stand on his own two feet, Julien then challenged himself to the position of executive chef of Château Cordeillan-Bages, the only Relais & Châteaux in the Médoc, a house recognized for its exceptional art of living where wines, modern art and haute cuisine. After a year, the restaurant received its first star in the Michelin guide, while Café Lavinal, the neighboring and simpler address of the house, is Bib gourmet.

In view of the health crisis that occurs at the beginning of 2020, the plans unfortunately have to be reconsidered, especially since the owner decides to close his house for 4 years. Julien wants to be positive and sees in this event an opportunity to assert himself even more with his own skill. From Bernardo Pacaud, he retained this simple and yet so obvious reflection “Better a small home than a big one” and his entrepreneurial soul is soon ready to reveal itself.

Passing through Normandy, the land of his childhood, he visited several properties to take over and stopped at “Les Fontaines”, at the entrance to Honfleur, a restaurant with an adjoining apartment, ideal for a quick set-up.

So, with Lauriana by his side, since July, Julien begins a new phase in his personal and professional history, in the heart of his own restaurant. Here, he wants to affirm an original and unrestrained approach to gastronomy, to use all the huge capital of his past experiences to build a unique project, accessible to the greatest number, to everyone who is looking for an appointment at the right price – quality ratio.

After some work and time to find a suitable name, Âtre takes its place in the heart of Honfleur, to the delight of the neighboring Normans and all its visitors. This name was chosen by Julien in connection with the title of a dish by one of the greatest French chefs, Michel Guérard. “The lamb caressed on the corner of the hearth” left a strong memory for him. That word, like all its symbolism of warmth, comfort and energy, seduced him and, when he christened his house, became obvious.

However, Âtre is not the culmination for Laurianne and Julien, but the beginning of a new path, generous and oriented towards the happiness of transferring to all the pleasures of sharing the most beautiful gourmet experiences together.

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