Seniors in the canteen

Des seniors à la cantine

The municipality of Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel has just launched the campaign “Come to lunch at school” for seniors aged 60 and over, only from the municipality. Every first Friday of the month, the school canteen will welcome graduates who must pre-book a meal, the price of which is 8.50 euros. They will have lunch with the students. An opportunity to share a privileged intergenerational moment.

Interesting action

“The idea is to create a connection between the young and the old, as well as to give them the opportunity to discover the school canteen and how it works,” explains Marjolaine Cavoizy, director of the social relay.

On Friday, Yolande, Nicole and Michel found this action interesting. They registered to meet the children and share something unique together. A good way to break the isolation and bring some goodwill into your life.

Practice. Reservations in the school canteen


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