Shanghai Kitchen, a restaurant that raises the level of Asian cuisine even more

Shanghai Kitchen, a restaurant that raises the level of Asian cuisine even more

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A wonderful discovery that bets on tradition and modernity.

When we think of Asian cuisine, we often imagine our favorite Chinese, Japanese or Thai restaurant where we enjoy a bowl of rice and very tasty noodles. But if it’s very comforting, Asian cuisine can also be very fine. The Shanghai Kitchen restaurant located in the Radisson Hotel in the heart of Brussels wanted to remind its customers of this fact. In a warm and very nice atmosphere, we had the opportunity to discover the cuisine of this place that pays tribute to the symbolic dishes of Shanghai. Traditional dishes but also very refined and modernized. A true meeting of East and West.

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In Asian cuisine, the search for harmony is at the center of concern. This is how Shanghai Kitchen offers us dishes that vary between sweet and sour, caramelized and vinegary. Therefore, we were amazed by the appetizers, which, although they were cold, still served the fish and meat that we are used to eating hot. Then add dim dum, prepared in an artisanal way according to the rules of the art, and signature dishes to the rest of the menu. We tasted fried zander fillets in the shape of a squirrel’s tail with sweet and sour sauce and stewed Iberian pork ribs with sweet soy sauce. With all that, we had a choice between homemade noodles and white rice. At the end of the meal, we were treated to two desserts: dim sum rice, black sesame paste, mango or jelly and lychee sorbet. Nothing to say, we enjoyed ourselves and discovered Asian cuisine in a different way. Note that the dishes are clearly designed to be shared.

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On the drinks side, we find a nice wine list, refreshing homemade soft drinks such as delicate peach soda or pearl milk, but above all original cocktails in which western spirits blend with ginger, lemongrass,
lychee or tangerine. Want to discover this place? Go to the restaurant’s website to reserve your table. Count between 9 and 18 euros for appetizers and between 22 and 36 euros for meals. A kitchen that certainly has its price, but which remains available at noon even for the smallest budget because the facility offers a lunch menu (appetizer and main course) at a price of 17.50 euros.

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