Solo travelers: advantages and tips

Solo female travelers make friends in the desert landscape

Exploring the world on your own offers an unparalleled sense of freedom. Have you always dreamed of traveling alone? Here are some reasons that are sure to convince you to chart your own path… And do it safely!

Advantages of female solo travel

The benefits of solo travel are limitless. Travel does not have the same meaning for everyone, but it is almost always synonymous with autonomy. Here are some of the obvious benefits of traveling alone.

Solo female travelers make friends in the desert landscape

1. Complete freedom

Traveling alone, without a travel partner by your side, gives you complete control over your meals, accommodation and activities. Everything is done according to YOUR schedule. Pizza for breakfast? Why not ! One day you sleep until 11 am and the next you wake up at 5 am? Of course! Catering only to your own whims (and itinerary): a sense of freedom that will be hard to find elsewhere…

2. You will make friends

We often mistakenly think that solo travel is synonymous with loneliness. But it’s often easier to make friends as a solo traveler than when traveling with other people. Solo travelers are often considered more affordable than couples, families or groups. Traveling alone naturally forces you to talk to new people. Which translates into new friendships, new relationships. And sometimes even new skills to take home when the trip is over.

If you do not dare to travel alone, join an organized group trip, where you will surely make friends. You may also choose to break your solo journey from time to time. So why not schedule a group tour during a long trip?

3. You will learn to trust yourself

Taking a solo trip involves trusting your intuition. Being alone allows you to reevaluate your ability to solve problems (logistical or otherwise) on your own. But after a few days of dealing with problems on your own—and there will certainly be a few—you’ll develop real confidence in your ability to adapt to changing situations.

In a New York Times article, Dr. Angela Grice, speech therapist, states;

Cultivating a sense of being alone and making the choice to be alone can help you develop who you are, your sense of self, and find your true interests. »

4. You will find clarity

When you travel alone, you can enjoy the experience of solitude. Time for yourself, just for yourself, without the pressure of professional or related obligations. In an age where we are text-only or distanced from human interaction, time to be alone without distractions is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Walking the Camino de Santiago alone, standing in front of the Taj Mahal or gazing at the Grand Canyon, you can let your mind wander and enjoy those precious moments, without routine or interruptions. Who knows what discoveries you will have…!

5. You will travel more

If traveling is your passion, solo travel opens up endless possibilities. By not limiting your travel plans to other people’s budgets and schedules, you can travel as often as your lifestyle allows.

Safety tips for solo travelers

Is solo travel safe for women? Of course, there are risks no matter where you travel in the world. But it is possible to reduce possible dangers while abroad.

Singapore: One of the best destinations for solo female travel

1. Choose one of the favorite countries for solo travelers

Solo explorers, you can travel wherever you want. But here are some countries that have the best safety conditions for women traveling alone:

2. Pay attention to cultural norms

In some rather conservative countries, it’s a good idea to dress like the locals. Especially if it involves covering arms, legs and shoulders. The lightweight sarong can quickly be used as a scarf, skirt or scarf when needed.

3. Follow official government advice

Research your destination before you go, including safety recommendations. For example, research the neighborhood you want to stay in. And see the recommendations of other experienced travelers on social networks.

Read the official government advice on solo travel for women. In addition, it is also interesting to register your trip on Ariane for a trip of less than six months.

4. Stay in touch

As soon as you arrive at your new destination, consider purchasing a phone plan with data. With the phone you can easily find your way around, download local applications for transport and information, stay in touch with other people and, if necessary, call a hotel, taxi or emergency services. We recommend that you inform the hotel staff about your itinerary or intended destination on that day. Also, don’t forget to include the approximate time you plan to return.

5. Keep your valuables with you when you’re on the go

A hidden passport holder or a shoulder bag with a zipper will be your best allies. When in transit, do not keep anything valuable in your backpack. Indeed, transit periods are when thefts are most likely.

When you go out for the day, take only what you need. So if you lose your wallet or it gets stolen, you won’t lose much.

6. Make a copy of your important documents

Store copies of paper and/or documents online. If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, you may need to remember your passport details in order to get a new one from the embassy. You will also need a copy of your vaccination card, travel insurance and possibly another piece of ID. Photocopies are an easy way to have all the information you need at your fingertips.

7. Don’t skimp on travel insurance

When choosing travel insurance, read the fine print. Make sure it covers the destination and all the activities you will be doing. As well as health insurance in the worst case scenario. It is better to have insurance and not need it. Instead of needing it and not having it…

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