Success with local roots

Une réussite aux racines locales

Hotel-restaurant Morvan has just received a new award. After an impromptu visit by inspectors from Logis de France, the restaurant has now been recognized as a Distinguished Table, the highest accolade of this label.

Only three establishments in Burgundy have received this distinction. Jérôme Raymond and his team are the only ones in Nièvre. Twelve rooms and suites are classified as Elegance, which is also the highest level.

“Without my team, I can’t do anything,” explains Jérôme Raymond frankly. And this team welcomes this new award without pretensions but with respect. As does the waiter Alexandre Drauart, from Larochemillay, who admits that he is very proud, especially since he took care of the secret customer: “It’s a turning point. There are other challenges ahead,” he adds. As Amélie Rolland, pastry chef, who prepared a financier with mirabelle plums, dark chocolate mousse and chestnut honey ice cream, “it’s the reward that makes us want to keep going”. Maria Brochot, the butler, never had any doubts either. Besides, he assures him, we worked for him as we do for any client.

90% of the dishes are prepared from products from the nearby region with the shortest possible circuit. Not forgetting to be imaginative, to combine tastes, to offer what you cannot do at home. “I am doing everything possible to highlight Morvan. I like to talk to my producers”, explains Jérôme Raymond. This fall, the weekday is called Back from the Market or My Roots and My Playground for Weekend Gourmet Meals. Everything has been said.


Obviously in his kitchen, but also in every detail that pushes him to excellence, the chef is an ambassador of his territory. Hotel du Morvan wants to be a showcase for local artisans. The dishes are unique and will be made by a potter who now lives in Apremont-sur-Allier. The new custom wooden furniture will be made by Hubert Briat, a carpenter in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains.


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