Ten most underrated trips in the world!


Travel is on the rise. We know the wonderful ones, such as the canyons of Utah or the Amalfi Coast in Italy. But so many roads offer beauty of all kinds around the world, and some are greatly underestimated.

“Travel has become a popular way to see the world, especially post-Covid-19, as more people feel uncomfortable traveling on public transport,” explains Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at Confused.com. “However, as the popularity of the trip grows, so does the traffic along the route. Choosing an underrated route is a great way to experience the fun of travel while avoiding the crowds. »

A study by confused.com analyzed the top 50 routes that received the fewest searches on Google in the last 12 months to reveal the world’s most misunderstood routes. (Six US routes ranked in the top 10.)

Here are the 10 most underrated trips:

(Parameters: rank, route, country, % of “good” reviews, annual search volume, overall score /10)

1- Causeway Coastal Route, United Kingdom; 98.1%; 23,700; 9.19

Causeway Coastal Route, UK. Getty Images

The most underrated road trip is the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland. Although 98.1% of reviews on Tripadvisor are positive, this tour has only had 23,700 searches in the last 12 months. The trip includes many popular locations such as the Glens of Antrim as well as famous Game of Thrones filming locations.

Two American trips follow closely behind in third position. The Foothills Parkway in Tennessee offers spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Tennessee Valley.

2 – Route des Crêtes, France; 98.5%; 131,200; 8.27

Route des Crêtes, France. Getty Images

The Route des Crêtes, in France, is the second. Despite the stunning views it offers, this route was only visited 131,200 times last year.

3- Foothills Parkway, United States of America; 97.5%; 68,700; 8.17

Foothills Parkway, USA. Getty Images

3- Lamar Valley, United States of America; 97.4%; 68,000; 8.17

Lamar Valley, USA. Getty Images

The Lamar Valley, on the other hand, offers wildlife viewing, sometimes referred to as “America’s Serengeti.” Drivers might be lucky enough to see wolves, bison, pronghorn, badgers and bears.

US routes Trail Ridge Road, Beartooth Highway, San Juan Skyway and Needles Highway also make the top 10.

5- Trail Ridge Road, United States of America; 98.6%; 156,400; 7.86

Trail Ridge Road, USA. Getty Images

6- Beartooth Highway, United States of America; 98.2%; 142,300; 7.66

Beartooth Highway, USA. Getty Images

7- Route Napoleon, France; 100.0%; 270,200; 7.45

8- San Juan Skyway, United States of America; 95.7%; 24,780; 7.45 (tied with 7th position)

San Juan Skyway, USA. Getty Images

9- Needles Highway, United States of America; 97.9%; 140,500; 7.45 (tied with 7th position)

10- Great St. Bernard Pass, Italy; 96.4%; 82,800; 7.25

Grand Pass of St. Bernard, Italy. Getty Images

“If you’re planning an upcoming trip, the itinerary isn’t the only thing you need to consider before you go on your trip,” says Kinread.

“If you plan to drive your own car along the route, it’s important to check your car insurance to make sure your vehicle is fully insured abroad. Otherwise, if you plan to rent a car for your trip, always check the rental price abroad. Renting a car can be a huge expense, especially when you add fuel costs, which also vary from country to country. »

“When driving abroad, drivers should also make sure they have a valid driver’s license. It is also important to find out about the driving regulations of the country they are visiting and to check if they need an international driver’s license to drive there. »

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Lea Lane

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