Tennis. Jules Marie, a new career on the small screen that is a hit

Tennis.  Jules Marie, a new career on the small screen that is a hit

Winner of the Open de Caen last year, Jules Marie decided to relaunch on the ATP circuit in the process.  But under very specific conditions.
Winner of the Open de Caen last year, Jules Marie decided to relaunch on the ATP circuit in the process. But under very specific conditions. ©Aline Chatel

Each of his videos has been viewed tens of thousands of times. On YouTube, where he has 80,000 subscribers, Jules Marie is a tennis star with more than 11 million views. A native of Caen (Calvados) made his return to the ATP Tour a soap opera where every slice of life unfolds in front of the cameras. Jules Marie talks about the life of a professional tennis player on the secondary circuit, at Futures and Challengers, these tournaments unknown to the general public.

Comfortable in front of the lens

Hotels, meals, warm-ups, logistics, matches – which make up the bulk of the video – and commentary: nothing escapes the cameraman’s eye. The three take turns to offer content that is as qualitative as it is quantitative. Jules Marie is a relaxed actor on screen, always ready to narrate an unusual life. “It doesn’t bother me because it stays within the limits of tennis. On the other hand, when I’ve just lost, I’m disgusted and need to debrief, it’s hard. »

Jules Marie will start hostilities

Defending champion, Jules Marie will be the first on the track at this Caen Open, this Sunday, December 11, 2022. He will face Maxime Chazam in the round of 16 at 14:00. Two women’s semi-finals follow, the first between Alice Robba and Aliaksandra Sasnovitch, the second between Manon Arcangioli and Martina Trevisan.

“Real work”

Jules Marie accepted that consideration. His job is not just to kick the little yellow ball. “It’s real work,” he says. A job that mobilizes no less than eight other people to create visuals, animate TikTok and Instagram, respond to comments, write texts and even look for financial partners. The latter is what makes Jules Marie an influencer capable of rewarding the entire team, if not enriching herself.

Since the beginning of the year, I haven’t taken a single euro out of my pocket. That was a condition of recovery. However, I win three times than in CNGT (National Circuit of Grand Tournaments, editor’s note).

Jules Marie

During his previous stint on the ATP circuit, Jules Marie took €35,000 to €50,000 out of pocket each season to get him out the door of the world’s top 200. From now on, Norman can count on multiple supports, starting with that of his community. He did two crowdfundings this season. “The second jackpot caused a bit of talk, but I’m not putting a knife to anyone’s throat. I think there was a lot of jealousy. »

700 places won this season

Nevertheless, Jules Marie is gaining widespread support. His initiative pleases. “It works well because I’m the only one doing it, because people watch a lot of tennis and because they’re interested in seeing the secondary circuit from the inside. I also imagine they find me cute and are curious to see my evolution. »

Videos: currently on Act

An obvious evolution, but not exactly linear. 1200ᵉ in the world ranking in February 2022, Jules Marie is currently ranked 489ᵉ. It is still far from the places that allow access to the qualifications for Grand Slam tournaments.

I started from scratch. It’s difficult, of course. It is about a radical life change. At first I had to adapt, it wasn’t easy. I was injured for a total of three months. Sportingly, I’m not 100% satisfied. Despite everything, I am happy to start this ranking again in 2023.

Jules Marie

At 31, Jules Marie is preparing with undiminished freshness for this upcoming season, which should allow him to get closer to his goal, to be one of the 200 best players in the world. “I think I’ll do a few more years to try to qualify for a Grand Slam one day. »

Defending champion in Caen

From December 11 to 14, 2022, Jules Marie will have to defend her title at the Open de Caen, where she enjoys creating surprises every year. “It’s a great pleasure to be back, it’s my home,” he said. It allows me to play against very strong players, improve and see a lot of people again. “His breakers, as his subscribers are called, will be able to enjoy themselves again. The exceptional career achieved last year has a lot to do with this second life as a tennis player.

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