the conflict continues between the agents and the city

Cantines en grève à Saint-Nazaire : le bras de fer continue entre les agents et la ville

The meeting held on Monday, October 10, and the city’s proposals did not convince the strikers.


Posted on October 11, 2022 at 2:27 p.m.

Employees in school canteens and cleanliness and hygiene of the premises are on renewed strike from Monday, October 3. The staff is looking for a monthly bonus of €110, which he would provide “equality between logistics departments and equal pay for women and men”. After the initial negative response to these demands that arrived at the end of the summer, a strike was announced on September 22, and the first meeting with the city hall was organized on September 28, without progress in the negotiations.

The strike is ongoing

“The CGT union of the territories of Saint-Nazaire and Carene has decided to continue the strike. The notice filed by the agents is extended to October 21. The strike can be renewed at the end of this period. announced the CGT at the end of the meeting on October 10. a delegation of 10 agents met Céline Paillard, deputy mayor in charge of human resources, but they were not convinced by the proposals. “The requested premium is framed by very precise regulations that exclude occupations of school offices. However, in the desire to continue the social dialogue with its agents, the City made proposals with a precise schedule. they explain from the Municipality. Not enough, however, as far as the agents who continue the strike movement are concerned.



The demands of the strikers

In order to cancel the strike announcement, the CGT union of the Saint-Nazaire territory and the agents demand the transition of the heads of offices and the replacement fund to supervisors, without a previous study of human resources, a revaluation of the compensatory allowance for the insecurity of the cleaning agent of €35, the payment of 1/2 hour meals for the kitchen assistants and cleaning supplies, payment for travel in his personal vehicle from the 1st trip and calculation of movement from location to location during working hours. The strikers announced that they will hold their rally every day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the lobby of the City Hall.


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