The first framework agreement for the City and the University of Lille / News

The first framework agreement for the City and the University of Lille / News

The city of Lille and the University of Lille are strengthening their cooperation within the framework of the first framework agreement for the period 2022-2026 – adopted by the Municipal Council of Lille last June – with the aim of accelerating their action in favor of the ecological transition.

Credit: Daniel Rapaich.
Credit: Daniel Rapaich.

Exchange of expertise, promotion of research in City projects, support for students in their careers and professional integration, international influence, are the main areas of intervention for which the City and the University have joined forces.

Place of students in the city

The two institutions intend to join their efforts to support and develop mechanisms for listening and ensuring students’ well-being, quality of admission and integration into professional life.

In addition, the City of Lille and the University of Lille express their desire to support and develop support systems for students in their professional integration, continuing to listen to the needs of the socio-economic fabric and strengthening the bond between all involved. in student success. In order to fulfill this objective, a special program to welcome trainees, the “Territorial Factory”, will be deployed within the services of the City of Lille, combining the discovery of the diversity of professions offered by the city and learning within the service by decompartmentalizing all the city’s trainees to work on cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary questions.

The national plan “1000 apprentices” is also open to students thanks to funding from the city of Lille.

The territory’s reaction to transitions

Together, these two institutions intend to contribute to achieving the goals of reducing greenhouse gases by -45% by 2030 and aiming for carbon neutrality well before 2050.

Lille, the territory of learning and the land of experimentation

The city of Lille wants to rely on the expertise of the University of Lille to make certain learning more alive. Two topics have been identified as priorities.

The first refers to the inclusion of students in the development of academic support in schools in the city:

  • Academic Plan: it is a matter of providing experience and learning science from an early age, especially through the partnership around the Fête de la science (every year in October), but also developing mentorship with women scientists to open science to everyone;
  • english map: the idea is to think about offering innovative English language learning from an early age.

The second topic consists of joint work on building the City of Tomorrow by involving students in the construction of projects.

Influence of territory and international relations

As part of the partnership agreement, the University of Lille and the City of Lille intend to coordinate their actions to spread a positive image of the City of Lille and the University of Lille internationally and promote exchanges.

The two institutions will intensify their cooperation on:

  • International Student Week, which takes place every year in November, and whose opening night is traditionally held at the Hôtel de Ville, in partnership with the Department of International Relations of the University of Lille. Each year, one or more areas of cooperation are highlighted through the testimony of foreign students from universities in these partner territories;
  • International festival of solidarity which the City of Lille organizes every year in November (the national manifestation has declined at the local level on the 19th of 2022, with a collective of fifty structures). The University of Lille is a partner of the “Partage ma Table” event, which involves families from Lille hosting international students over a family meal.

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