the most annoying passengers according to the flight attendant

the most annoying passengers according to the flight attendant

On the plane, some passengers sometimes make surprising requests to flight attendants, which makes them particularly uncomfortable. As these requests are repeated on almost every flight, they become completely ridiculous, says this flight attendant who listed some of them.

In a series of periodical articles published by the British tabloid The Sun, the flight attendant discusses topics directly related to her work on board. This Thursday, December 8, she dedicated her intervention to the most ridiculous requests of passengers on airplanes.

“Don’t expect an upgrade because you’re tall”

According to her, all flight attendants end their day with at least one stupid request from a passenger. The first thing this flight attendant touched on is about those tall travelers who keep asking for a free upgrade.

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You shouldn’t expect an upgrade just because you’re tall “, said the stewardess. In this regard, she explains that cabin crew members try to do their best to relax all passengers.

However, they cannot always upgrade passengers. ” If you want a first class seat, you have to pay for it added the flight attendant. For her, a tall passenger knows exactly how long his legs are and how much space he has in economy class.

“You are not the only passenger who does not enjoy the flight”

So she suggests these passengers simply pay extra to choose a seat with legroom, ” or prepare to get your knees crushed. These are your choices “.

In order to explain it better, it adds to the address of this category of passengers: You are not the only tall person on the plane and you are not the only passenger who does not enjoy the flight “. These same passengers sometimes ask to move their neighbors in order to benefit from the entire queue.

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I don’t know how these people can expect such royal treatment, but they will have to look far and wide to find a flight attendant who will grant them that privilege. That’s definitely not going to happen “, specified the same speaker.

These travelers who ask to light the candles on the birthday cake

The other passengers, who apparently do not measure all the dangers on board, ask the flight attendants to light their birthday candles on the cake. ” Sometimes people don’t even bring cake with them and expect us to have it on board “.

And to answer this kind of request, she reminds these passengers that a fire on an airplane represents ” a major security risk on board. We are here to protect you, not to endanger you “.

Then the flight attendant brings up the topic of meals on board and all these requests ” stupid » that goes with it. ” Can you suggest something else? is one of the questions he regularly faces. This is how she explains that there is no kitchen or food on board. Just a few pre-selected meals.

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“Can you respect our privacy too?” “, begged the stewardess

Here the flight attendant indicates that the crew members, especially the female ones, are certainly kind and courteous to all the passengers on board. “ But we won’t give you our phone numbers or hotel room numbers so please stop asking us because it’s so scary “.

According to her, at least once per flight, a flight attendant faces such a request, ” and I haven’t seen it work yet “. Thus she explains that it is unlikely that this kind of person who bullies others because of their number while they are at work” be the person of our dreams, so it’s better not to take any chances “.

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