The new board of directors of the Regional Association of Camping Caravaning

Un nouveau conseil d’administration pour l’Association régionale de camping caravaning

The Chaudières-Appalaches Regional Camping Caravanning Association (ARCC) recently held its annual general meeting at Camp Pointe aux Oies in Montmagny and elected members of its executive committee for the coming year.

So Gaétane Nolet de Saint-Frédéric accepted the chairmanship of the organization. She will be supported by Gaétan Pouliot from Saint-Georges as vice-president, Jacques Lehoux from Sainte-Marie as treasurer and Michel Ouellet from Saint-Lambert as secretary. Ghislaine Beaulieu, Réjean St-Hilaire and Gilles Lessard from Saint-Georges will be the directors.

Chaudière-Appalaches ARCC gathers about 1,600 families and couples in the sector between the American border and the river on the north-south axis, then from Disraeli, Laurier Station to Saint-Rock-des-Aulnaies on the east-west axis. Its main mandate is to organize activities and gatherings. This number of members is relatively stable despite the increase in the number of caravanning enthusiasts since 2020.

For ARCC-CA, the current economic context should not affect the next tourist season, simply because people’s habits are changing. A small percentage of caravans have decided to become seasonal to reduce travel costs. Several others are moving to camps closer to their homes or will make several smaller camps, notes Gilles Lessard, an administrator within the organization.

For most, habits will not change, because camping caravanning is a lifestyle to which followers devote an already planned budget. Several fans of camping in caravans went to the United States last summer, which reduced the pressure on available camping spaces in our country. However, some of these bars are already sold out several weeks in advance”, according to his observations.

The association already has four activities scheduled for next year: a spring lunch in Saint-Étienne on April 30, a family fishing trip at Kinnear’s Mills on June 2-4, an outdoor activity on Chaudière in Vallée-Jonction on August 4-6 and its next annual general meeting in Montmagny from September 8 to 10.

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