the perfect integral motor home for large families!

the perfect integral motor home for large families!

The A-Class 854F from Rapid can, in a compact format for this category, accommodate up to 7 people on board. Integral, whose attack price has literally exploded in recent months…

Selling from €82,200 now, the full 854F sees a price increase from 2021, as do almost all leisure vehicles of all brands. These are, therefore, in just over a year, almost €15,000 extra you have to pay to get this motorhome! An addition for less consequential, but which nevertheless does not diminish the numerous advantages available to this model.

140hp standard

Based on the Fiat Ducato chassis (35L) with extended rear track (1.98m), the Rapido 854F has a compact size for an integral: 6.70m long, 2.35m wide and 2.89m high. It is supplied as standard with a Fiat 2.2 Multijet diesel engine of 140 hp, the French motorhome reveals an interior calibrated for large families with a wheelbase of 4.04 m. Thus, its lounge part reveals a space for accommodating up to seven people, arranged along the meridian arranged in a U and a table in a portfolio.

In dining room mode

As for the beds, the caravan is also full, as standard, dinette bed 140x195cm, cabin bed that can be retracted with the help of cranes 150x200cm, with laminated base and premium mattress but also, as an option this time, a large electric rear lowered double bed, again for two adults. In other words, possible up to 6 beds. Well equipped with storage space (including overhead and bench cupboards) and skylights, the 854F offers a galley with a 2-burner stove, an interesting worktop and refrigerator with a volume of 128 liters. The galley also features a removable raised bar and several storage niches, including a bottle rack and sliding wire basket.

Space optimization

Equipped with a large rear wardrobe, including sliding wardrobe doors, the Rapido mobile home has a bathroom that optimizes space thanks to The Duo’Space system, whose swivel wall separates the sinks and toilets from the shower cubicle with a grid. As you already understood, the integral 854F is a motor home calibrated to allow a large family to travel in comfortable mode, but whose price, as we said, is now far from attractive for all budgets.

Posted on 29.11.2022 Updated 29.11.2022

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