The Southern Alsace hood #1. At Camping de l’Ill in Mulhouse, it’s already Christmas

The Southern Alsace hood #1.  At Camping de l'Ill in Mulhouse, it's already Christmas

Welcome.- Camp Ill de Mulhouse will never have the appeal of Camp Flots Bleus in Pyla-sur-Mer, nor Les Glaciers overlooking Mont-Blanc. So here we do something different and above all we care about the welcome. As soon as you walk through the reception door, even before you know whether you want to spend one or more nights on the Ill shore, receptionist Natalie Von Saalfeld asks if you’d like a glass of wine or hot apple juice. For children, it’s a circle of reversals. The decoration inside and outside the reception is great. “If we decide to open for Christmas, then we have to do it thoroughly. It took two days to decorate everything,” explains Lysiane Schlegel, manager of the tourist site. Also at the reception, it is a real annex of the tourist office shop where even the “Bière du camping” with the signature of L’Alsacienne sans-culotte, which can only be found here, is offered.

Europe here.- Who lives in Camp Ill? Unlike our…

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