These Christmas people were advised by the UFC on what to choose

These Christmas people were advised by the UFC on what to choose

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Don’t have the time – or the inclination – to make your own Christmas tree to cap off the Christmas meal? Like many French people, you’ll likely turn to logs sold commercially. Tip: choose it carefully. To help you out, here’s a ranking compiled by UFC Que Choisir to determine the best and worst industrial Christmas logs for 2022.

Christmas cakes are like any food product: there are exquisite creations, like this Christmas cake from the Sofitel Le Scribe hotel, which is more a work of art than a dessert, and products that give a little less desire. However, every year brands try to innovate to surprise consumers and meet their expectations at the same time. White chocolate, exotic fruits, caramel and pecans or even vanilla: there are hundreds of creations for all tastes and budgets, so much so that it can be difficult to make a choice. However, the choice of Christmas tree is not insignificant. It’s the last image – or rather the last taste – that your guests will have of the dinner, so there’s no question of ending the meal on a disappointing note! In fairness, UFC Que Choisir magazine just published a study in which they analyzed no less than 50 frozen logs. Goal ? Help the consumer to choose his products better and inform him about the composition – which is not always very attractive – of certain desserts….

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