This 4×4 motor home is ready to fight!

This 4x4 motor home is ready to fight!

Sya Mobil presents Masal, a 4×4 motorhome based on the Mercedes Unimog 404 with hellish styling, ready to face the end of the world…

Sya Mobil is a Turkish company specializing in the creation of four- and six-wheel drive recreational vehicles. For this project, called “Masal” (“fairy tale” in Turkish), Sya Mobil teamed up with architecture firm MG Yapi Mimarlik to create an extraordinary home on wheels.

the Sya Mobil Masal lies on the chassis-cab Mercedes Unimog 404 from 1974, on which a new cell was grafted, made to measure according to the wishes of their customers, namely two health workers. The 4×4 carrier was purchased just before the start of the 2020 health crisis, before Sya Mobil intervened on it to completely transform it.

Sya Mobil Masal: an aggressive look

Sya Mobil Masal has a aggressive lookwith large wheels equipped with all-terrain tires, increased ground clearance, protective screens on the windows and an all-black body, which imposes its passage.

There is a winch and additional lights at the front, while cargo boxes are placed between the two axles. An escalator provides entry and access to the cell door, and there are two ladders that allow climbing to the roof.

Sya Mobil Masal: complete interior

Inside, we’re in the back large U-shaped living room, with a padded leather bench, a massive wooden table, while blackout blinds provide privacy. At the front, there is a double berth in the canopy above the cabin: access to the latter is possible thanks to the electrically opening door.

In the center is everything you need for a kitchen, with a sink, hob, plenty of storage space, an oven and a large fridge. The bathroom is equipped with a shower and a compact toilet.

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Sya Mobil Masal: an ambitious project

Sya Mobil Masal was needed soona year of work, to produce this ambitious 4×4 camper. Displayed at the Istanbul Motor Show and Caravan Show, the model was talked about, but unfortunately for its fans, it is a unique copy.

According to its designers, the transformations to give birth to this Sya Mobil Masal based on the Mercedes Unimog 404 cost around 60,000 euros.

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